IAB News
January 5, 2010
IAB Year in Review
March 30, 2009
Internet Advertising Revenues Surpass $23 Billion in ’08, Reaching Record High
February 26, 2009
IAB Issues Click Measurement Guidelines for Public Comment
February 12, 2009
Key Advertising Groups Committed to Strong Industry Self-Regulation and the Development of Privacy Guidelines for Online Behavioral Advertising Data Use and Collection
February 5, 2009
IAB Advances Effort to Solidify Infrastructure for Digital Video Advertising; Releases Video Player-Ad Interface Definitions for Public Comment
December 23, 2008
IAB Year in Review
December 16, 2008
IAB Creates Marketplace Transparency Between Agencies and Publishers, Releases Lead Quality Accountability Best Practices
December 8, 2008
IAB Launches Audience Reach Measurement Guidelines for Public Comment
November 20, 2008
Internet Advertising Revenues in Q3 '08 at Nearly $5.9 Billion
October 30, 2008
IAB Launches a Series of Initiatives Designed To Transform Interactive Operations & Accelerate Growth
October 7, 2008
IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report Shows First Half of '08 Up 15.2% From Same Period '07
September 24, 2008
IAB Announces 55 MIXX Awards Winners Across 18 Categories
September 18, 2008
IAB Issues Email Data Management Best Practices
September 16, 2008
IAB Commends Congress for Strengthening Law Enforcement's Ability to Protect Consumers
August 20, 2008
MIXX 2008 Attracts Influential Lineup of Speakers, To Explore Transformation of the Media Industry
August 11, 2008
Use of "Ad Networks" Surges Six-Fold as Media Companies Step Up Monetization of Unsold Online Advertising Inventory
July 31, 2008
IAB Announces the Release of "Vast," a Digital Video Ad Serving Template, for Public Comment
July 24, 2008
The IAB Issues Ad Campaign Measurement Process Guidelines for Public Comment
July 22, 2008
MIXX Awards 2008 Reach Record Number of Entries, Secure Their Place as Premier Interactive Advertising Recognition
July 21, 2008
"A Mobile Advertising Overview" Released by IAB
July 16, 2008
IAB Launches Revenue Cycle Best Practices
July 1, 2008
The IAB Launches Revised Ad Unit and Rich Media Creative Guidelines
June 25, 2008
Randall Rothenberg Testimony Before the House Small Business Committee
June 25, 2008
IAB President Randall Rothenberg Testifies at House Small Business Committee Hearing
June 18, 2008
David J. Moore, Chairman & CEO, 24/7 Real Media, Inc. Elected Vice Chair of IAB
June 17, 2008
Internet Advertising Revenues Up 18.2% YOY, $5.8 Billion for Q1 ’08, Second Highest Quarter Ever
June 11, 2008
IAB Launches Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metrics Definitions
June 9, 2008
IAB To Extend Membership Benefits To Small Publishers, Mobilizes Them To Fend Off Adverse Regulations
May 29, 2008
International IAB Updates - May 2008
May 27, 2008
IAB Announces Campaign Setup Best Practices
May 15, 2008
Internet Advertising Revenues Top $21 Billion In ’07, Reaching Record High
May 8, 2008
The IAB Issues Revised Ad Unit and Rich Media Creative Guidelines for Public Comment
May 5, 2008
The Interactive Advertising Bureau Launches Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines
April 29, 2008
Upcoming IAB Initiatives Focused on Industry Growth
April 20, 2008
The Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Web Analytics Association Increase Collaboration on Web Metrics Standards
April 16, 2008
IAB Releases "User-Generated Content & Social Media Advertising Overview"
April 3, 2008
IAB Issues Digital Video Ad Formats for Public Comment
February 25, 2008
Leading Media Companies Expand Roles and Capabilities, Meeting Marketers' Ever-Growing Digital Needs, Says Joint IAB/Booz Allen Hamilton Study
February 24, 2008
IAB’s Ecosystem 2.0 Kicks Off!
February 24, 2008
IAB's Board of Directors Adopts Privacy Guidelines for Interactive Advertising
February 7, 2008
IAB Defines Online Lead Generation Best Practices for U.S. Advertisers & Publishers
February 5, 2008
Wenda Harris Millard Elected Chairman of IAB Board of Directors
January 23, 2008
IAB Releases Digital Video Advertising Overview
January 18, 2008
Jim Spanfeller, IAB’s Outgoing Chairman
January 13, 2008
Key Advertising Groups to Develop Privacy Guidelines for Online Behavioral Advertising Data Use and Collection
December 21, 2007
IAB President and CEO, Randall Rothenberg and 25 IAB Member Companies Make the 2007 Silicon Alley 100 List
December 20, 2007
The IAB Issues Rich Media Measurement Guidelines
November 30, 2007
Audience Measurement: Pursuing Transparency in Metrics
November 27, 2007
George Ivie, Executive Director and CEO,
The Media Rating Council
November 27, 2007
Welcome to the New IAB Website - BETA
November 13, 2007
Integration, Collaboration, Transformation: Agency Leaders Speak Out at Agency Summit 2007
November 12, 2007
The IAB Appoints Three Senior Executives to Respond to the Need for Clear Vision in an Industry-wide Time of Change
November 12, 2007
Internet Advertising Revenues in Q3 ’07 Surpass $5.2 Billion, Setting New High
November 12, 2007
IAB Issues Rich Media Measurement Guidelines for Public Comment
November 9, 2007
IAB Game Advertising Luncheon: Many Came to Play!
November 2, 2007
The Story of Tim Carter: Presentation to the Federal Trade Commission, Town Hall on Behavioral Targeting
November 2, 2007
IAB Contributes Significantly to FTC Town Hall on Behavioral Targeting
October 25, 2007
IAB Wins ClickZ Award for a Decade’s Creation of Guidelines
October 23, 2007
Key Initial Deliverables From Industry-Wide Study on Marketing and Media Ecosystem 2010 Confirm Digital's Prominence
October 16, 2007
IAB Announces On-Time Delivery Toolkit and Billing Methods Best Practices
October 11, 2007
IAB Continues to Push for Best Practices in Lead Generation to Safeguard Consumer Data and Improve Operational Efficiency
October 10, 2007
The IAB Drives the Industry Forward by Releasing Rich Internet Application Ad Measurement Guidelines and the Games Advertising Platform Status Report
October 5, 2007
IAB Supports Interactive Industry Executives Voicing a Strong Position on Consumer Privacy and Benefits of Ad-Supported Internet
October 4, 2007
Historic Internet Advertising Revenues: First Half of ’07 Hits $10 billion, Q2 ’07 Exceeds $5 Billion for First Time
September 28, 2007
Hewlett Packard & Goodby Silverstein Take Top Honors at the MIXX Awards
September 27, 2007
IAB Applauds comScore as Audience Measurement Firm Enters Audit Process
September 25, 2007
Excitement Builds for MIXX Awards
September 24, 2007
Senior Leaders From the Worlds of Marketing and Interactive Converge at MIXX
September 18, 2007
IAB Heralds Progress in Audience Measurement — Announces Major New Conference to Address Interactive Audience Metrics
August 16, 2007
CMO Thought Leaders: Pioneers at the Growth Frontier
July 27, 2007
"Innovation in Interactive" Theme of MIXX 2.7
June 21, 2007
President's Report
May 16, 2007
The Audit Challenge 2007