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Sponsorship Effectiveness Study

To better understand the marketing effectiveness and value of interactive sponsorship, the IAB's Sponsorship Committee commissioned a study executed by OpenTV Research's Bill Harvey. In this research, we looked to uncover:

  • Can we understand the business value of Online Sponsorship?
  • Is there a difference between the values of "Exclusive Sponsorship" versus "Shared Sponsorship"?

By intercepting more than 1500 consumers, we were able to analyze performance for both "Exclusive Sponsorship" and "Shared Sponsorship". Furthermore, we were able to:

  • Quantify the "lift" for Brand Consideration generated by sponsorship
  • Quantify the "lift" for Purchase Intent generated by sponsorship

As illustrated below, The SEI Methodology, intercepts users using a popup screen, which appears as they click on a link to a sponsored program. Before they are admitted to the program, they must answer yes or no to a question as to their willingness to answer a few questions "to help us improve the program" which they will be asked upon leaving the program. Users answering "no" are allowed to go to the program and are not contacted again. Users answering "yes" are allowed to go to the program, and a random half of them are sent to a version of the program where the sponsor is not mentioned (the control group). Everything else about the program is identical across the exposed group and the control group. As respondents leave the program by any means (e.g. click on a banner, hit the back button, etc.) they receive a short onscreen questionnaire which is the same for both the exposed group and control group.

Sponsorship SEI Study Methodology: Source: Open TV Research

In this report, you will see data that is exclusive to this study which will clearly show the value of sponsorship in the online marketing mix for a leading automaker, Volvo. To download this report, click here.

We would like to thank the following sponsored and publishers who made this research possible.

Supporting Companies & Sponsors

Research Partner:
Bill Harvey, SVP & General Manager of OpenTV Research

Agency Partner:
Euro RSCG MVBMS Partners

Marketer Partner:
Volvo Cars of North America LLC

Participating Publishers

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