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Articles & White Papers

The sole purpose of this space is educational, populated with resources that provide insights to interactive marketing channels (i.e., search, email, lead generation, local, games, sponsorship, etc.) , its practices and high-level instruction or learning. Articles and white papers will be evaluated on the depth of research and industry relevance. A white paper, “…typically argues a specific position or solution to a problem. Although white papers take their roots in governmental policy, they have become a common tool used to introduce technology innovations and products.”

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Case Studies

You must have permission to print the names of all companies referenced in your case study. Case studies should generally include background and marketing goals, implementation specifics, obstacles/challenges, and outcome.

Promotional materials and sales case studies are not suitable and will not be accepted for post in the IAB Resource Library.

As a matter of policy, the IAB posts only case studies provided by IAB members.