Tracy Keller: December 2008 Archives

The Roosevelt Hotel Ballroom is packed this morning with industry leaders hungry for information and education about audience measurement in the interactive advertising world. They are here seeking guidance as they face the challenges of digital measurement in a time when every penny a marketer spends in scrutinized like never before. The day’s agenda will satisfy this need for knowledge.


Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the IAB, focused on simplification in his open remarks and making our industry friendlier for digital immigrants. To do this everyone in the room must think about how they can work together and with other ecosystem players to reduce the complications involved in interactive metrics. “Don’t let the perfect drive out the good,” he expressed. The call to action is clear.


Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Industry Services at the IAB, and the chair of the event, reemphasized the need to focus on quality, transparency and simplicity in order to “make money move.”


The IAB Audience Reach Measurement Guidelines, which were released for public-comment this morning, have been distributed for review, in preparation for the afternoon’s live public-comment sessions.


Check later this week for a complete event recap—or participate in the complimentary IAB Audience Measurement Webinar this Wednesday, December 10 to learn more about the topic. The details and registration information can be found at