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MIXX Conference & Expo 2.8 - Agenda Announced

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Check out the MIXX 2.8: Invention & Reinvention Agenda. The rapidly changing digital landscape requires that businesses, partnerships, and even people constantly invent and reinvent themselves in order to stay on the cutting edge. The 2008 MIXX Conference & Expo will focus on that edge and the industry thought leaders who drive it forward every day.

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Recent Happenings at the IAB

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Just in case you can’t keep up with all that has been going on at the IAB, here is a quick overview:

Last week the IAB hosted a Leadership Forum on Mobile Advertising that brought together marketers, agencies, publishers and technology vendors from across the interactive advertising ecosystem to explore the opportunities and innovations in this dynamic medium. Released at the event was “A Mobile Advertising Overview” a document that demystifies the mobile platform and showcases mobile as a vital and growing medium for interactive advertising. Read the liveblog to get highlights from the event including marketing success stories, case studies, fireside chats, and much more. 

Randall Rothernberg, President and CEO of the IAB announced that now is the time to better comprehend the form and structure of this emerged new reality. Mobile has matured to the point where it cannot be ignored any longer.

The IAB also announced that the MIXX Awards submissions hit record levels, surpassing 2007’s entries by 40%.

“The sheer quantity of submissions and the caliber of the marketers and agencies represented is a testament to the increasingly critical role that interactive advertising plays in marketers’ media plans,” said Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the IAB

Lastly, on July 24th the IAB issued the Ad Campaign Measurement Process Guidelines for public comment. A document that addresses the process of a publisher’s or advertising agency’s use of a third-party ad server and its application service provider.

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MIXX Conference and Expo 2.8 September 22-23, 2008