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Understanding MRAID

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iStock_000010118282XSmall.jpgThe IAB has been fielding a lot of questions lately about our project to create an industry standard set of mobile rich media ad APIs—a project we’ve named “Mobile Richmedia Ad Interface Definitions” - or “MRAID” for short.  In the spirit of “better late than never,” I’ve written a frequently asked questions list to try to address those questions.  Our hope is that in the long run MRAID makes it easier for agencies to build exciting, dynamic ads that can run across multiple apps and publishers and work with multiple rich media vendors without a lot of tedious rewriting of code on the back end.  Naturally, whether that happens is going to depend on how fully the industry (both buyers and sellers) support MRAID, but I’m certainly gratified by the support this project has received by the participants so far.

Interested in learning more about MRAID?  Got a question not on the FAQ?  Feel free to contact me.

Joe Laszlo is Deputy Director of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, at the IAB.