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Things We’re Thankful For

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In honor of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d assemble a list (not in rank order) of the things we’re thankful for in the world of interactive advertising.

  1. We just had the best quarter ever for interactive advertising, and year-on-year revenues have been on a sustained upswing for the past four quarters.
  2. There are myriad challenges still ahead—they make life in the workplace interesting AND they’re good for IAB job security.
  3. 2010 is the year when consumers embraced mobile media wholeheartedly.  So we can finally stop talking about when “The Year of Mobile” is going to happen.
  4. There are always new surprises in digital: 12 months ago, who (outside of Steve Jobs) suspected the iPad would be device of the year?
  5. We know where all our friends are, all the time, whether we want to or not (thanks Foursquare!).
  6. Convergence is happening, in the form of a commingling of the excitement and innovation of digital media with the discipline and marketing expertise of traditional media.
  7. We’re lucky to work in an industry with so many good eggs among the people (at vendors, publishers, agencies, and marketers alike) with whom we interact.
  8. Most of the good eggs are also really smart eggs.
  9. 2011 is the year we will finally make measurement make sense; at the very least we can fix the 15 years of chaos and get ahead of the massive changes still ahead of us.
  10. As an industry, we openly recognize that it’s time to get beyond bad creative (ugly ads), and we’re making collective progress in the aesthetics that drive successful advertising.

- Sherrill Mane and Joe Laszlo

Sherrill Mane is Senior Vice President for Industry Services at the IAB.
Joe Laszlo is Director of Research for the IAB.