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Terms & Conditions 3.0 in the news

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blog-header-around-web.gifJim Ewel, CEO of Adometry, wrote an article for MediaPost’s Blog today about the IAB’s updated Standard Terms & Conditions. Check out his post, “Why The New IAB Guidelines Are Good For Everyone and discover how the IAB is moving interactive advertising toward becoming even more transparent and accountable. To learn more about one of the industry’s hottest topics, be sure to sign up for our  Terms & Conditions 3.0 Webinar taking place January 26th at noon.



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Andy Atherton, co-founder and chief operating officer of, wrote an article that appeared in today’s AdAge about VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template). We think  ”Ad Network? Video Network? Why Not Both?” takes an interesting look at how VAST opens the door to new innovations and technical advancements in online video advertising. Digital video’s growth is a hot topic in the industry, and its supporting architecture between video players and servers is something the IAB has standardized. In fact, it will be the subject of a panel at the upcoming IAB Annual Leadership Meeting: Ecosystem 2.0 on February 21. Don’t miss it, register today.