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Terms & Conditions 3.0 in the news

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blog-header-around-web.gifJim Ewel, CEO of Adometry, wrote an article for MediaPost’s Blog today about the IAB’s updated Standard Terms & Conditions. Check out his post, “Why The New IAB Guidelines Are Good For Everyone and discover how the IAB is moving interactive advertising toward becoming even more transparent and accountable. To learn more about one of the industry’s hottest topics, be sure to sign up for our  Terms & Conditions 3.0 Webinar taking place January 26th at noon.


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Andy Atherton, co-founder and chief operating officer of, wrote an article that appeared in today’s AdAge about VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template). We think  ”Ad Network? Video Network? Why Not Both?” takes an interesting look at how VAST opens the door to new innovations and technical advancements in online video advertising. Digital video’s growth is a hot topic in the industry, and its supporting architecture between video players and servers is something the IAB has standardized. In fact, it will be the subject of a panel at the upcoming IAB Annual Leadership Meeting: Ecosystem 2.0 on February 21. Don’t miss it, register today.

The Buzz Around Mobile Marketing

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With our Mobile Marketplace coming up on July 13, we’ve compiled a few articles to help bring you up to date on what’s going on in mobile marketing today.

In this ADWEEK article, branding and action begin to merge in cyberspace marketing messages

“Marketers see a benefit of using display to support brand building on online as well as on mobile channels, especially through use of the rich media [interactive display],..”

 It’s never too early to start learning about Mobile Marketing according to this ClickZ article

“Mobile marketing is more about consumer touchpoints than media math. Before the question of whether to use mobile gets to the plan level, which is fraught with tough decisions and fights for survival, marketing leaders should be planning to use it far earlier in the decision process.”

A few good tips from Eric Bader on how to market through mobile:

“Unlike static and one-way communications channels, mobile is about context and behaviors — great things for marketers. Here are a few ways to market through mobile that can be especially effective in reaching mobile consumers.”

Adage reveals How Mobile Makes Bricks-and-Mortars Retail Accountable

“This is vastly important right now. In this economic environment, consumers are spending less, switching brands and going online to hunt for deals. Still, almost everyone makes unplanned purchases, and half of those purchase decisions happen in the aisle. Mobile presents a tremendous opportunity for brands to claim the last few feet and turn browsers into buyers.”

View our full agenda and register today!

What:   IAB Marketplace - Mobile
When:  Monday, July 13
Where: The Roosevelt Hotel
            Madison Ave at 45th St.
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Our friends at Smartbrief just did a great interview with Sarah Hofstetter, VP of Emerging Media and Client Strategy at 360i, who is a keynote speaker at our upcoming Social Media Marketplace on May 18.

Now is a fantastic opportunity for brands to not only learn from those mistakes but take a disciplined, smart approach to social marketing, understanding how to motivate and engage audiences in their environments, resulting in advocacy, preference, sharing and loyalty.

Read the full interview on SmartBlog here: If You Can Get to Just 1: IAB Social Media Marketplace

And don’t forget to register for the IAB Social Media Marketplace.

8 tips for Social Media

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blog-header-around-web.gifWith our Social Media Marketplace coming up, we’ve been combing the web for examples of what’s happening here and now with social media.

4 simple rules for generating traffic from forums

Don’t mention your Web site. Yes, you read that right. Do not mention your Web site in posts or refer to your signature, unless it is abundantly, extremely clear that it is acceptable. This isn’t your Twitter account or your Facebook page - this is the community space. The way you generate traffic from forums is generally through your signature. You do great things, you help people, and you make good posts. That makes people look at your signature and your profile, which is how you receive traffic.


4 Lessons for Social Media Marketers

4. Creativity wins A marketer with an understanding of social media and the need for engagement online tends to think outside the box. They don’t see Facebook or blogging, instead they see vessels for a conversation. Because of that mindset they’re poised to be creative with their social strategy.


plus, here’s a video describing Social Marketing in Plain English

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blog-header-rr.gif…or Vice Versa, Depending On How Good a Partner You Are (or Aren’t)

Rob Norman — CEO, Brit, renaissance marketeer… and now locutionist. At the IAB’s Agency Summit last week, he loosed on the world a new, and in our world necessary, noun: clompiler.

Why necessary? Because there’s nary a conversation in the marketing-media landscape these days that doesn’t touch on the issue of co-opetition — the increasing tendency in decentralizing industries for competitors in one arena to become collaborators in another. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a good term for those that engage in co-opetition. “Co-opetitors” never did seem to cut it.

Enter Mr. Norman and his word: “clomplier.” The Chief Executive of Group M Interaction defines it on his blog thusly: “A company which in its various guises is a client (cl), competitor (omp), and supplier (lier) to another company.” For an example, I’d be remiss if I didn’t refer you to Rob’s site.

Mr. Norman describes himself as the only Brit capable of explaining the infield fly rule to his mother. I believe it.