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The international IAB MIXX Awards has always been focused on advancing the cause of interactive advertising by celebrating groundbreaking digital work. Never has this task been more exciting and dynamic. As the advertising industry continues to shift and transform with the growing digital marketplace, we see more creative and impactful work than ever before.

As we accept entries for the 8th annual international IAB MIXX Awards, we asked our esteemed judging panel to share which campaigns* from the past year impressed them most. Here are four campaigns that are early stand outs:

1. IBM Smarter Planet
MIXX Awards Judges Alan Schulman (@DIGschulman) of SapientNitro NY and Brad Brinegar (@bradbrinegar) of McKinney both find IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign to be smart and well-executed. Created by the team at Ogilvy New York, Smarter Planet encouraged innovation through technology. “The Smarter City” element of this campaign won the 2011 GOLD Business-to-Business MIXX Award.

2. Nike+ Fuelband
The Nike+ Fuelband, which recently won both the Titanium Grand Prix and Cyber award at Cannes Lions, was released earlier this year — with its tracking capabilities and social integrations, the Fuelband quickly became the must-have accessory for gadget lovers and fitness fans alike. Lori Senecal (@digitalori), Chairman and CEO of kirshenbaum bond senecal, recognized this campaign from Wieden + Kennedy as an example of “brand ideas that take positive action and create new behavior, [giving] valuable returns for both the brand and the consumer.”

3. KONY 2012
The controversial KONY 2012 viral video was created by the founders of the non-profit Invisible Children in order to draw attention to their campaign for the arrest of Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony. It took the Internet by storm in March and piqued the interest of MIXX Awards Judge and Chief Creative Officer at Digitas North America Lincoln Bjorkman (@viabjorkman). “KONY 2012 showed the power to be had from bold integrated campaigns in the hands of people and causes, not just agencies and brands,” he said.

4. Ready Pa’ Tu Mundo
Ready Pa’Tu Mundo” was created by Zubi Advertising for Ford to help to relaunch its Fiesta model. Ford decided to focus on a young, bilingual audience and utilized a variety of digital platforms to do so. MIXX Awards Judge Marla Skiko (@mskiko) of SMG Multicultural, recognized this campaign as successfully “incorporating great bilingual content across social and mobile. Custom content came in from urban Latinos who epitomize their young, trendsetting target. The design of the website allowed them to ‘slide’ between English and Spanish versions, or a blend of the two—exactly how they see their day-to-day world.”

Does your digital advertising work have what it takes to catch the eye of the MIXX Awards judges? It’s not too late to enter the international IAB MIXX Awards! The Extended Entry Deadline is July 20. Enter now at www.iab.net/mixxawards.

*These campaign selections are independent of the MIXX Awards competition. They may or may not have been entered in the 2012 program.

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sp_keller_tracy.jpg Tracy Keller
Sr. Manager, Events Marketing, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

Tracy is responsible for the strategy and execution behind marketing all IAB events, including managing marketing partnerships.


This week, IAB brought together 44 small publishers from 18 states to visit Capitol Hill for the IAB Fourth Annual Long Tail Alliance ‘Fly-In’.

While much attention in the digital ecosystem is paid to the larger players, a growing and vital part of this world are the small businesses. These small shops are often at the cutting edge of breakthroughs in information and entertainment, and they truly represent the sort of self-empowerment that we value as Americans. By convening members of IAB’s Long Tail Alliance, we can show policymakers the real difference that these pioneers are making in the field.

During this week’s Fly-In, members of the IAB Long Tail Alliance joined IAB in the nation’s capital to meet with members of the U.S. Congress and their staffs to give legislators and policymakers a better, fuller understanding of the challenges and concerns facing online entrepreneurs and the negative impact that legislation and regulations may have on their livelihoods and businesses. Since most of these smaller digital companies are dependent on advertising revenue, the policies that impact digital advertising have a direct link to their livelihoods.

IAB Long Tail AllianceIt is vital for Congressional leaders to consider and appreciate the consequences of their work in the online arena of our members—many of whom are small, family-owned businesses that rely heavily on advertising to sustain their entrepreneurial mission. The timely, grassroots message that the IAB Long Tail Alliance brings to Capitol Hill each year is a key reminder of the growing importance of small digital businesses to our industry and to the overall national economy.

These IAB members not only represent the best of the internet—they represent what the ‘American Dream’ is all about. These are passionate small business owners, many of whom are home-based, who took a hobby and made it into a career. Many of their sites exist to serve a strong social or community purpose, generate rich content, and all provide a valuable niche service to users. They are changing the landscape of digital media every day for the better. I often hear chatter about how politicians should look out for the little guy—well, the little has done digital.

IAB’s Long Tail Alliance Fly-In was launched in June 2009. Since then, hundreds of ad- supported small publishers have networked with lawmakers and staff in the U.S. House and Senate to ensure their voices are heard and valued, and to share their perspectives on how additional legislative action could create unwarranted and unmanageable barriers to their current operations and prospects for future growth.

These online entrepreneurs are the new face of small business in America, and it is crucial that their voices are heard on Capitol Hill. If you are one the scores of digital pioneers out there who want to have more of a say in how policy affects your business, I would invite you to find out more about the IAB Long Tail Alliance. This is a special member category for publishers who sell online advertising opportunities indirectly, through ad networks or directly, and have revenues under $1 million per year. To learn more and to find out how to qualify for membership, visit www.iab.net/longtailalliance.

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Alison Pepper

Alison Pepper

Alison Pepper is Senior Director of Public Policy, Interactive Advertising Bureau.


The Industry Commits Two Billion Impressions for “Your AdChoices”

The Digital Advertising Alliance and IAB recently urged the industry to come together to support a critical campaign, the DAA’s “Your AdChoices” campaign. I am thrilled to report you have answered this call.


Thus far, two billion impressions have been committed to this pro bono effort aiming to build more trust among Internet users by explaining how online advertising works. Two key partners will help make these impressions possible: ADTECH, which will handle the ad serving, and UM, which will handle media management and optimization. We are extremely thankful that they have donated their time and expertise to help bring this important message to the people.

Donations of inventory have come from numerous IAB members. In particular, I am grateful to Rubicon for donating a heroic 700 million impressions and to 24/7 Media for donating more than 310 million impressions. Other IAB members who have stepped up and given generously include AdGent Digital, Ad Monsters, BlogHer, Business Insider, Buzz Media, Collective Media, Cox Media, Discovery Digital Media, Electronic Arts, Everyday Health Inc., Federated Media, Google, Kelley Blue Book, Microsoft, Netmining, OpenX, Slate, WeatherBug, WhitePages, Yahoo!, and Ziff-Davis.

The “Your AdChoices” consumer education campaign helps reinforce the industry’s commitment to self-regulation by addressing consumer concerns about how their information is being used. Through several fun, informative videos, the campaign explains how people are empowered to control the way they interact with digital advertising. Moreover, it demonstrates how advertising actually enhances digital experiences.

The Digital Advertising Alliance, along with MRM, a McCann Worldgroup company, showed inspiring leadership and creativity in developing this campaign. I’m now excited and encouraged by the outpouring of support from our peers who recognize that the best way to keep our industry free of unwanted regulation is to directly support the needs and concerns of the people who rely on it.

In the wake of last Thursday’s “Do Not Track” announcement from Microsoft, a consumer education campaign like this is more critical than ever. Both the DAA and IAB believe that the best way to provide the most compelling user experiences digitally is to empower them to make their own choices. This campaign shows them how to do just that.

The industry has already shown us that they’re behind this approach. Two years ago, when IAB launched the industry’s first consumer education campaign, “Privacy Matters,” the enthusiastic support of the digital ecosystem supported this pro bono campaign with 500 million impressions. As impressive as this was for the time, the fact that we’ve already quadrupled commitments demonstrates that the digital world is supporting this strategy of educating users and giving them choices. DAA’s “Your AdChoices” campaign comes at an important time for our world, but it also follows a history of support from the digital marketing industry.

Of course, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I said mission accomplished. The numbers of companies who have not donated inventory to support this campaign greatly outnumber those that have. I implore all of us working in this field to make room for this campaign and do everything possible to maximize its impact. Our mission is only complete after we genuinely help every user better understand how advertising positively enhances their digital lives.

To contribute to the campaign, please contact [email protected]. And look for the Your AdChoices campaign on a Web site near you.

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sp_rothenberg_randall.jpg Randall Rothenberg

Randall Rothenberg is President and Chief Executive Officer, Interactive Advertising Bureau.