IAB Portrait: The Perfect Canvas For Achieving A Successful Paid, Owned, & Earned Media Strategy

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As Internet Week finished up in the Big Apple last week, one of the hottest topics in the marketing world continued to revolve around paid, owned, and earned media. Whether it’s being discussed on stage by industry veterans or chatted about by media planners over insanely priced cocktails, it has become the focus of every brand’s marketing strategy.

So what exactly is paid, owned, earned media? The characterization varies depending upon whom you ask, but Forrester provided a pretty solid definition for the model. Essentially, paid is any media that a brand specifically pays for; search, display ads, etc. Owned is any channel a brand controls; web site, blog, Facebook page, etc. And earned, the most coveted and hardest to secure, is media customers use to help spread the brand’s message; social media, WOM, etc.

The key to paid, owned, and earned media is understanding the way that each of the different media types work together and being able to seamlessly integrate and execute a plan that leverages all three elements to achieve the intended goal of the model. It has often been a challenge to do all three simultaneously. However, if used correctly, one of the IAB Rising Stars can act as the ultimate paid, owned, and earned media tool.

Launched over a year ago, the IAB Portrait is a premium ad unit that offers marketers a rich creative canvas to socially engage users with sight, sound and motion. This 300 X 1050 unit includes state-of-the-art plug and play functionality, delivering a streamlined and impactful brand canvas. With three different modules for brand’s to use as they see fit, this ad unit can feature a compelling brand video while simultaneously incorporating social media elements like Facebook or Twitter feeds. Each module can essentially be aligned to the paid, owned, and earned media strategy. Here are a few ideas you should consider to achieve success from this model.

Paid - Leverage the largest module in the IAB Portrait ad unit for brand messaging. This module offers the opportunity to showcase a brand’s video assets with an expandable video player. This provides a beautiful canvas to convey a brand story and build long-term relationships with existing and new customers.

Example: A car company showcases its latest model through engaging video.

Owned - The smaller modules can be used for just about anything. Some brands have used this real estate to conduct surveys or incorporate maps. To make the most out of earned media, a brand can integrate it’s own Facebook page or include a live Twitter feed.

Example: A car company includes a Find A Dealer application that allows users to search for dealers within their neighborhood, directly in the ad unit itself.

Earned - Getting customers to spread the message is never easy. But with modules built into the ad unit for sharing about a new product or service directly under the brand message itself, it is almost a natural fit. This module can be used for a brand to interact with customers via photo galleries or live chat.

Example: A car company let’s potential customers customize the features of a new car model and share the finished product with their social network.

No matter what you choose to do, the IAB Portrait’s blank canvas offers endless opportunities to create a successful paid, owned, and earned media strategy.

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