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Another great Mobile World Congress has come to an end and as always it was even greater and more spectacular than last year. As interesting as the event was, it was challenging to really grasp MWC 2012 as a whole because of the size and mass of things going on at the same time.


Brands, agencies, technology and operators seemed to be well represented in MWC attendance. While this clearly proves the greatness of mobile right now, it also highlights the problems an event like this faces when it no longer is “just for the tech folks”; there are so many cool things going on and so much networking it becomes almost overwhelming. The top things that stood out to me were:

  1. Less focus on technology and more on features or utility, such as M-Commerce, M-Wallet and Mobile banking. This represents huge opportunities globally—people want their mobile experience to reflect their lives and provide functionality, not just be a cool device. Mobile is no longer just about mobile. It is about media consumption and communication across several devices and platforms, and a tie-in to the way people live their lives across multiple screens.

  2. Regulation was also a continuously recurring topic of discussion. It is clear that the industry needs to show responsibility and start paying even more attention to regulators in order to continue growing, something the IAB Public Policy office in Washington, D.C. is closely working on.

  3. Advertising and monetization of mobile. While that theme was around last year, in 2012 this was actually a conference track. I led a panel in this track, “Mobile Advertising: The Mobile Advertising Ecosystem - Making It Work”, with a fantastic lineup: Google, Huawei, Telenor, Adidas and Initiative. The key takeaway was that the main things we all need to do to drive this forward are: Education, Education and Education and then Evangelization.

  4. 1% women max. Even though the event is getting broader it is somewhat sad to see that it is still hugely male dominated. Especially with the focus on mobile naturally integrated into people’s lives, busy female professionals and the strength of mobile moms are an incredibly powerful demographic opportunity for advertisers to capture.

  5. The Samsung Galaxy Beam projector smartphone. Everyone seemed to talk about this device. It’s fascinating to think about how phones and tablets with projectors can even further change media consumption. Check out’s video demo of it here.

Most importantly MWC 2012 was a great party, truly global, friendly, massive and totally worth it. See you at next year’s!

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Anna Bager

Anna Bager

Anna Bager is Vice President and General Manager of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, at the IAB. You can tweet her @AnnaBager and follow the IAB on Twitter @IAB.


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It’s been a big week in digital advertising. As many of you know, we recently released news of a new standard ad unit portfolio at the fifth anniversary of the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, an exciting three days among the top thought leaders in digital advertising. Among that portfolio were six IAB Rising Stars Display ad units—new interactive units that enable marketers to tell bigger, bolder brand stories.

Facebook also unveiled its own news yesterday about Facebook Timeline for Brands at its Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC), to help brands tell better stories through their new products such as Timeline for Pages, Mobile Ads and Premium Ads. For those brands that may not have made the switch yet, here’s what some of our members have said about it:

ForbesFacebook Timeline for Brands: It’s About Storytelling

WSJBrand-name deals to mix with Facebook friend posts

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(by Michael Lazerow, Chairman and CEO of Buddy Media)

AdAgeFacebook Offers Brands, Flush With Fans, New Ways to Spend Money
(including quotes from Mark Renshaw, CIO of Leo Burnett and Bryan Weiner, CEO of 360i)


We’re pleased to announce that the IAB has already modified our Facebook Page to Timeline, at Check it out as a great resource for IAB history, stories, and news. As we begin to share IAB history with interesting content, connect more with people, and tell better stories, take a look and let us know what you think.

Helping you better build your brand stories digitally is important to IAB. In fact, it’s one of our primary goals for 2012. As Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of IAB, spoke about at our MIXX Conference & Expo in October 2011, such brand innovation in the digital industry will come from storytelling, not simply technology.

Help us continue to build better relationships with you, wherever you are and whatever platforms you use. We want to hear from you!

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Jeff Fryer

Jeff Fryer is Marketing Manager, IAB, and helps the IAB to better listen, understand, and engage in conversations in social media. You can tweet him @jfryer2000 and follow the IAB on Twitter @IAB.