New Public Policy Resource

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What to focus on and when, is always the $64,000 dollar question (or adjusted for inflation, the $495,000 dollar question). In the public policy arena, the question compounds: where should I be focusing my attention? Local and state affairs? Hill happenings? Regulatory proceedings? Percolating academic research? Consumer advocate agendas? These are the kinds of questions that keep Starbucks on the S&P 500. To that end, the IAB would like to introduce our members to a new feature on our IAB Public Policy  Here we’ll be providing our members with the latest legislative developments on the state, federal and regulatory levels, as well as highlighting current topics, trends, developments, and events that are inhabiting the interactive advertising ecosystem – and much like a “real” ecosystem, it’s often the small things that end-up blindsiding you.

In this inaugural launch, you’ll find the first of what will be a series of monthly legislative updates, as well as a short piece highlighting the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) and its potential impact on online data collection and advertising. With all the noise out there about “regulating” online advertising, it’s worth taking a moment to look at existing legislation, to understand some of the context that has contributed to the current debate.

In the upcoming months you can expect to see monthly legislative updates, as well as short “think” pieces covering a diversity of topics from internet advertising taxation legislation to the technology-focused agenda of a new Administration. We here at the IAB hope that you can use this new resource to provide you with a quick insight into the sometimes messy business of politics, as well as a preview of new issues and concerns coming down the pipeline.