IAB Sold-Out Annual Leadership Meeting: Live Blog - Tuesday

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12:10 PM

One last session for the morning and the event! Joanne Bradford, SVP, U.S. Revenue and Market Development, and Michael Walrath, SVP, Advertising Marketplace Group, both from Yahoo! are sharing 10 things they think really matter to the industry and Yahoo!.

Brands Matter
Size Matters
Service Matters
Price Matters
Flexibility Matters
Data Matters
Partnerships Matter (that’s one reason they are co-presenting)
Innovation Matters
Longevity Matters
ROI Matters

What doesn’t matter? The majority of the ad networks, according to Joanne.


Joanne Bradford talks about Yahoo!’s belief in the spirit of partnerships.

Michael Walrath speaks about why innovation matters.


11:40 AM

The annual Great Debate is underway. The statements around the center of it all: Brand marketers don’t need agencies. Interactive publishers can provide everything they need.

What does the audience think at the beginning of the session? Audience text message polling shows 64% disagreeing and 36% agreeing at just this minute.

Abbey Klaassen, Digital Editor, at AdAge, is moderating the panel of four - two who agree and two who oppose.

(A) John Partilla, President, Time Warner Global Media Group - It’s complicated out there. You can’t claim to do too much. We can’t do everything for every advertiser, but we can and will do much more.

(A) Sarah Chubb, President, Conde Nast Digital - Times are slim and the truth is that relationships are about doing the things that are missed. We’ve got to work together, not fight each other right now. She’s glad they aren’t in the ad network business because of the data ownership and Ts&Cs issues that are emerging now. They are never going to be the lowest price, due to the value of what they have to offer. You have to figure out where you fit in the ecosystem. 

(O) Quentin George, Chief Digital Officer, Mediabrands - As an industry we’ve done a bad job differentiating the value of what there is to offer. If we can understand the data, high value inventory will thrive.   

(O) Jean-Philippe Maheu, Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy North America - We need to take today’s economic situation into account. In ideal conditions a brand is always going to go to a creative agency. It’s the long term trend, but right now we must all fight for the same dollars. We all want to create something fantastic and the creatives who can do it are at creative agencies. 

The audience poll results at the end of the session? Let’s see how convincing the sides where. 46% agree and 54% don’t. Looks like a slight change.

Our panel was all smiles before the debate began.

10:19 AM

Omar Hamoui, founder and CEO of AdMob, started by admitting he isn’t a “conference guy” but gave kuddos to this event. He’s got a few “news you can use” items to take home and start working. But, on to the good stuff—mobile. He’s displaying a live mobile campaign on an ad management interface and going over the details of how easy it is to manage and collect reporting. We’ll see what’s happening with the campaign between now and the end of the session. 

The platform is growing at tremendous speed and with diverse audiences. Any audience you want, they are there—and very targetable. What about the experience? Some users now prefer to use particular apps on mobile devices rather than online. Videos, maps, pull vs. push, rich mobile sites and more continue to make the mobile experience even more robust and they will expand farther in the next generation of mobile.

Eric Bader from Brand In Hand (an actual client of AdMob) is talking through their case-study and comparing the mobile work with other channel results. He agrees with the session title “Mobile: My Platform Can Beat Up Your Platform.”


Omar Hamoui explores the possibilities of mobile advertising with the audience.


9:50 PM

“Rumors on the Death and Display Have Been Greatly Exaggerated” according to David Rosenblatt, President, Display Advertising, Google.

The Google product development model has three core principles. 1) openness 2) results 3) efficiency. David is running through how Google is addressing them each specifically through products. The strategy is to use their large presence, technological advantage and more to make it happen.

How does Google feel about agencies? They love them because agencies understand brands.

Lots of questions from the audience:

Is Google a technology company or media company? Great question from an audience member who asked he try to avoid answering “both”. However, it is “both” says David. That’s the reality they are working toward. 

Do you believe all impressions are created equal? No - the point is that each unit of inventory has a different value to different people. The marketplace model takes care of that. Pricing isn’t the core issue—it’s yield.

David Rosenblatt explains how one man’s remnant inventory might be another man’s premium.

9:14 AM

Noticed any consistent themes throughout Ecosystem 2.0: Brands Battle Back? Randall has and he shared them to start the final day.

1. Interactive is an AND media not an OR media

2. Services (even consensus around what kind of services)

3. The value of the user experience

4. Use the tools

9:06 AM

The final day of Ecosystem 2.0: Brands Battle Back is just beginning. Last night’s dinner was the perfect end to a day of intense presentations, debate and discussion. The conversation may have been intense—but attendees still enjoyed some down time to reflect and relax.  Stay tuned for the final sessions……