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IAB Ad Operations Summit – Happening Now In New York City

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More than 200 members of the ad ops community are gathered at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City today to take strides in the war on discrepancies.  The presence of so many agencies and publishers—coming together on the stage and in the audience to address cooperatively the vexing issues of ad operations—is a testament to the common commitment to solutions that move the industry forward.


The IAB and its Ad Ops Committee have been working for several years to develop the solutions being discussed today. As one result, this morning the IAB released a series of initiatives designed to transform interactive operations and accelerate growth.


Read the full press release here or the individual documents below.


E-Business Interactive Standards


Interactive Advertising Workflow Best Practices


Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)


Ad Load Performance Best Practices


Best Practices for Rich Media Ads in Asynchronous Environments


Want to get the inside scoop on how pioneers are changing the face of advertising? At “The New Wizards of Digital Marketing,” you’ll join leading creatives and learn how hot digital shops are creating innovative, cutting-edge interactive campaigns—and winning new business and important industry awards in the process.


Join us as we explore:

  • The anatomy of award-winning interactive campaigns
  • Who owns the ideas when agencies, brands and production partners work together
  • Social media optimization and how to leverage it

The New Wizards of Digital Marketing: An IAB Agency Summit will be taking place on Nov. 10 at the Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Ave and E 45th St, New York. Register today! 


Today, the IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers released the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for the first half of 2008.  In conjunction with this release, the IAB conducted a Webinar outlining the report’s findings along with insights and commentary on broad media industry and consumer trends from both Nielsen and comScore. For those who were not able to make it, you can download the presentations below.

Press Release   

PWC Internet Advertising Ad Revenue Report

Nielsen Online Cross Media Ad Spending Trends.pdf
comScore State of the US Online Retail Economy.pdf