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Monday Noon
We just finished our first panel discussion of the day. One of these strongest themes of Ecosystem 2.0 has been the idea of competition leading to cooperation leading back to competition and so on.  Gathered onstage were an agency leader, a branded publisher, a vertical network founder, and a platform executive. What makes this special is that each has partnered outside of their core business in order to drive growth. Taking part in this panel were:

Moderator: John Battelle, Founder and Chairman, Federated Media Publishing
Matt Freeman, CEO, Tribal DDB
Don Friedman, EVP and CMO, Computer Associates
Lauren Wiener, Senior Vice President, Meredith Interactive Media
Peter Horan, CEO, IAC Media and Advertising

Check out some photos below -


The panel speaks of the new platforms that are based on conversation and how they are monetized.


Matt Freeman believes that in today’s ecosystem, whoever gets to the senior decision maker with good ideas essentially takes money from everyone else.


Don Friedman has a simply principle – anything published must be of value to the customer


Lauren Wiener uses her insights on the CRM side to bring great ideas to Digitas and then go back to the brands.


Peter Horan talks about how were are transitioning away from the high buy-in broadcast model into a conversational model.

That’s it for the morning session.  I’m off to lunch (unfortunately the events staff did not take my advice and cater from In-N-Out Burger) and then we’ll have more live from Ecosystem 2.0 this afternoon!

Monday 11:15am
Chris Vollmer, Media Practices Leader from Booz Allen Hamilton, just finished his presentation on the second half of the Marketing & Media Ecosystem 2010 study. This may have been the most informative hour of the conference so far.  There really is no way for me to address the depth and grasp of this groundbreaking study in this tiny bit of cyberspace I have here for the Ecosystem 2.0 Live Blog.  In a nutshell, online activity is on a tear.  However, there are still tremendous growth opportunities and this study outlined many of those.  We’ll have the full presentation on in the coming days if not sooner.  Please remember to come back and download it.


Chris Vollmer tells us how marketers want advertising that provides a service – that consumers find valuable.

Monday 10:15am
Jerry Yang and Susan Decker just left the stage and it was quite an eventful hour.  Yang opened up with some reflection, remembering the days before the bust – when all knew that a more sustainable model had to be built.  And over the last five years, we’ve seen that. He spoke of Yahoo!’s strength in being part of our ecosystem as well as Yahoo! being an ecosystem in itself. Most importantly, he spoke of personalization and openness.  How do we drive a better experience for users and advertisers? Yang expressed that it’s about creating an advertiser and user experience that is flawless and creative.

Susan Decker then spoke about Yahoo!’s focus on making the process simpler for everyone engaging with each other in the advertising process.  She spoke of Yahoo!’s ad network, Panama, and their hope of revolutionizing the advertising industry by removing the headaches. Yahoo! hopes to leverage the power of all the users in the industry – and wants to do for the advertising industry what the DVR did for VCR users – revolutionize with simplicity in ways not thought possible.  Ultimately the goal is to allow publishers and advertisers to focus on creating and getting to the right audience at the right time.

Last but not least was a spirited Q&A with Randall Rothenberg.  Rothenberg put on his reporter’s cap and wasted no time in raising the elephant in the room of Microsoft’s attempted purchase.  This issue is so public that there was not much Yang could say that we have not already read.  However, he did speak of the galvanizing affect it has had within Yahoo!.  Susan added that this combined with the fact that more R&D dollars than ever are going towards new products, both on the consumer and advertiser side, makes this one of the most exciting first quarters ever at Yahoo!.

Randall spoke of branded publishers being fearful of platform consolidation and potential commoditization. Yang feels that rather than commoditizing, platforms are building the tools to enable more creativity. The tools that are shown to publishers are garnering the reactions of “wow, I can do so much more.”

Another interesting response came when Susan Decker was asked what today’s sales force needs to do differently than 10 years ago. She stated that what is happening now allows them to focus less on ad operations and more on sales channels. They can think of how to optimize the marketing funnel – how to increase awareness and branding. They can now use any product online to achieve a goal – search, video, mobile – it’s not just about display.

Overall, a very special session to watch, especially given how busy the folks at Yahoo! must be these days.  Chris Vollmer from Booz Allen is up next to talk about the second half of Marketing & Media Ecosystem 2010.  Stay tuned for more!


Jerry Yang asks “how do we drive a better experience for our users and our advertisers?”


Susan Decker is all smiles as she speaks about Yahoo!’s new ad network.


In response to the ownership of data,Yang expresses, “The consumer is still the king and they ultimately decide how they want to respond in this medium. We know there is an ecosystem developing.  Now we have to figure out the rules.”

Monday 8:55am
Good morning and welcome back to the Ecosystem 2.0 Live Blog from the IAB Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.  We will once again be covering all the action as it happens.  Last night ended on a very fun note with a wonderful outdoor networking reception.  All in attendance looked to have a great time and we’ll have a gallery of photos up soon on Right now, the general session room is filling up as everyone in attendance is waiting to hear what Jerry Yang and Susan Decker of Yahoo! will have to say.  Stay tuned for more!


Rick Brunner does some entertaining for Rich LeFurgy and the rest of the welcome reception last night.