Digital Video Player-Ad Interface Definitions (VPAID) Compliance

Please note that this program is for IAB Members only.

Video Player-Ad API definition (VPAID) standardizes the communication between video players and in-stream video advertising as designed by the Digital Video Committee of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).  This standard intends to meet the needs of emerging in-stream ad formats such as:

  • Non-linear video ads
  • Interactive video ads

The goal of the VPAID standard is to address known interoperability issues between publisher’s video players and different ads.  Today, video ads created using a specific ad technology can only run on publisher video players that are pre-integrated with that same technology.  This issue is further exacerbated when the video ad is expressed in innovative formats (such as non-linear and interactive ads) that require a high level of communication and interaction between the ad and the video player. 

Compliance Program for IAB members:

The IAB VPAID Compliance Seal program has been designed to integrate into compliant member sites with ease. The IAB suggests that compliant member sites post the compliance seal in their online media kit as well as in their print versions. Media buyers will be educated about the benefits of VPAID and be encouraged to look for the seal. The compliance seal must be placed according to IAB standards and should not be altered in any way.


VPAID Compliance Defined
Publishers who are VPAID compliant self attest that they have implemented the VPAID API standard into their video players.

How to Obtain the Compliance Seal:

In order to obtain the seal, a member company should download and fax the IAB Compliance Seal Application. Once the form has been received and reviewed, and assuming compliance, an attachment with the seal will be received by the compliant IAB member-company’s site.