Digital Audio
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Since the original publication of the IAB Digital Audio Advertising Platform Status Report in September 2010, a lot has changed—for the better. Digital audio ad revenues have increased by about 20% over the past year. More than one in three of all cell phone users now own smartphones. Opportunities for innovative and creative digital ads abound as new streaming audio websites and mobile apps have entered the market. For that reason, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Audio Committee has revised and expanded this overview of digital audio advertising as part of its commitment to fostering a vigorous and healthy online audio ecosystem with commonly adopted terminology, practices and standards.

This platform status report:

   • Provides an overview of the digital audio advertising market,
   • Outlines the main audio ad formats,
   • Defines the basic value chain and key players enabling audio advertising,
   • Offers an overview of the metrics behind digital audio advertising,
   • Discusses opportunities and challenges that face the sector today

After many years of gradual growth, digital audio has accelerated, both as a medium and as a promising online advertising opportunity. The emotional draw of audio in consumers’ lives, their familiarity with the radio model from terrestrial broadcast, their adoption of new, streaming-capable portable devices, and the continued evolution of Internet content, capabilities, and consumption have all helped drive the transformation of digital audio.