On-Time Delivery Toolkit

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), its publisher members, and major agencies set out in early 2007 to solve two principal causes of late creative:

  1. Lack of objective, industry best practices left marketers, agencies, and publishers unable to develop informed policies and procedures for delivering on-time creative; and
  2. The inability of Publishers to effectively and efficiently update the various creative specs databases that are maintained by third party ad servers and rich media vendors; agencies were using tools that held out-of-date specs, creatives were developed that failed publishers’ new criteria, and extra time was necessary to fix the problems.

The solutions to these problems have been packaged together as the "On-Time Delivery Toolkit for Interactive Media". The Toolkit consists of two items developed by major agencies and IAB publishers:

  1. The Creative Delivery Best Practices – A project plan template for rich and non-rich creative development, from marketer briefing to publisher launch of campaign, the Best Practices Process is meant to be used by marketers, agencies, and publishers as the basis for internal process and efficiency improvement.
  2. The IAB Creative Specs Database – An online database maintained by the IAB to ensure that agencies have access to current specs for their campaigns and to consolidate publisher specs into a single source for accurate specs data throughout the industry; the Database is populated by publishers, and specs for a campaign are downloaded by agencies.