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IAB Urges Congress to Protect Consumer's Access to Free Online Information and Entertainment

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) testified last week before the House Consumer Protection Subcommittee warning Congress that proposed legislative solutions around spyware could do more harm than good. H.R. 964, the SPY Act, is intended to target surreptitiously downloaded software, otherwise known as "spyware." While the goal is well-intended, the proposed legislation could negatively impact the online and interactive advertising industry, and ultimately a consumer's access to free online information, entertainment and unparalleled products and services.

We believe this legislation deserves a fresh look by this new Congress. We therefore have urged the Subcommittee to consider three key factors. First, any legislative solution must be technology neutral. Given the astonishing rate at which technology advances, legislative attempts to regulate it have proven difficult to craft and often result in unintended consequences. Nobody wants legislation that will stifle improvements in the technology of the future. Second, rather than regulate the technology itself, Congress should seek to regulate the abuses of the technology. By focusing their efforts here, we firmly believe Congress can achieve real progress in the fight against spyware. Lastly, legislators should acknowledge the great progress made by the Federal Trade Commission and state enforcement authorities in recent years. These organizations have brought an increasingly greater number of complaints against spyware companies and through their law enforcement activities and settlements, have provided legitimate industry actors with clear guidelines on what is and is not acceptable under existing law.

MIXX Magazine[email protected] for more information.

The 2007 Leadership Forum: Performance Marketing was held on March 14 and from registration to the final cocktail toast, this year's Leadership Forum: Performance Marketing was an unprecedented success. Performance Marketing has indisputably changed and both marketer and consumer adoption of the plethora of new Interactive tools is transforming it into one of the most critical and exciting pieces of the marketing mix.

Here are some highlights:

Click here for some media history mixed in with a bit of Cicero and Sun Tzu from Q Interactive CEO Matt Wise and why understanding the past will lead to success in the Interactive future.
Click here to see why Diageo's Vice President of Marketing Services, Cathy Davis believes that everything starts with the heart of the consumer.
Click here to see why Travelocity CMO Jeffrey Glueck strongly believes that brands still matter on the internet.
Click here to learn how to Maximize your Lead Generation Best Practices and how you can properly measure performance marketing efforts.
Click here to read how digital video can enhance direct response and how brands like Ford and Diageo have incorporated User Generated Content into the marketing mix for some key messages on how to create and measure the results of digital videos.

Digital video is one of the most exciting tools to arrive into the already jam-packed Interactive arsenal. Consumers and marketers alike have embraced it awed by its amazing power to connect and engage. It's revolutionizing Interactivity as we know it and it's only the beginning.

At this year's Leadership Forum: Digital Video, we'll bring together the industry's best thinkers, to inform and educate marketers and agencies on the most pressing issues facing the advancement of online video and emerging technologies. People like, Jason Hirschorn, president of Sling Media Entertainment Group who will share how he and his team are building even richer more engaging experiences for their customers.

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Calendar of Events:
The IAB has planned a calendar of events for 2007 that touches virtually every element of Interactive media.  Mark your calendars today for these upcoming events:

Leadership Forum:  Digital Video
May 7, NY, The Roosevelt Hotel
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MIXX Awards Show
September 25, NY


Leadership Forum:  User-Generated Content and Social Networking
June 4, NY, The Roosevelt Hotel
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IAB Ad Operations Summit
October 16, NY, Reuters Building


MIXX Conference and Expo
September 24-25, NY, Crowne Plaza Times Square

Leadership Forum:  Agency Summit
November 12, NY, The Roosevelt Hotel

Other Industry Events

Special Interactive Workshop, Secrets to Effective Online Advertising Revealed

April 15th, 1pm – 6pm
Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York City

Attend this one-day workshop as part of Re:think 2007, ARF's annual convention and expo. The ARF and industry leaders have studied the first decade of online advertising performance and research. These findings will be shared and the published online advertising guide, The Online Advertising Playbook will be publicly released. From over 1,200 case studies, The ARF has synthesized the core truths about what works and how it works to better understand interactive advertising. Learn inside insights from the ARF and the team of online experts. Digitas and Avenue A/Razorfish will deconstruct two case studies of online success stories, play by play, every trial and error step of the way. These cases will provide discussions and analysis of the Playbooks lessons learned.

Products and Services

Post your jobs with the IAB and fill all your open positions now!
The IAB Job Board is available to anyone wishing to post a job in the interactive industry. Employers have successfully recruited for sales, technology and marketing professionals on the IAB Job Board. The job postings will be featured in both the IAB website and in our IAB SmartBrief newsletter. For job description requirements and pricing information, please contact [email protected] or click here.

Standards and Guidelines

Ad Sizes Working Group Re-launch
The IAB has re-launched the Ad Sizes Working Group with a primary objective of updating the IAB Ad Unit Guidelines (click here). The Working Group met on February 14th to develop a review process and consider potential additions to the List. They will meet again in March to finalize the review process and vote on new additions to the Guidelines. Any IAB member who is interested in serving on this Working Group, and is not yet represented, please contact Erica at [email protected].

Click Measurement
The IAB's Click Measurement Working Group will be making another round of revisions to the Guidelines, in conjunction with the Media Rating Council. The Working Group will be reviewing the latest draft at their next meeting in March. For more information, contact Erica at [email protected].

Rich Internet Applications Measurement Guidelines
The current guideline document has been sent to the Measurement Task Force for review. Once that comment period has closed, the document will be reviewed by appropriate industry groups (AAAA, etc.) and then opened up for public comment. Please contact Jeremy Fain at [email protected] with any questions on this timing.

Rich Media Measurement Guidelines
Rich Media Measurement Guidelines are currently in development with help from the Media Rating Council and will establish the standard, against which rich media ad impressions should be counted. The group met on February 28th and will be revising the document in the coming weeks. For more information, please contact Erica at [email protected].

IAB International News

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Mexico, elected its new Board of Directors for the 2007-2009 period.
Rafael Jimnez, General Director of Yahoo! Mexico, was elected as the organization's President, and his objective is to strengthen the actions adopted to promote interactive advertising in Mexico. IAB Mexico, which will continue with Bianca W. Loew as the General Director, has coalesced into the official voice for the interactive advertising sector in Mexico.

For more information and the latest International IAB news, click here.

industry initiatives
What is causing your ad impression discrepancies? How much of your traffic is really from your customers vs. non-human agents? Are you filtering with the same list as the third party ad servers and other publishers? Who's really visiting your web site? How are your customers using your site?

The IAB/ABCe International Spiders & Bots List can help you answer all these questions. It is the most comprehensive and current public list of non-human user agents in the world. Updated monthly by some of the largest publishers and most experienced web-audit experts, this list is necessary for accurately filtering your advertising and web server logs. It knows which bots are still active and which are not. The major publishers and third-party ad-servers are using it, and if discrepancies are an issue for you, you should be using it too. Without it, you will never know what is real and what is not. Contact Jeremy Fain ([email protected]) if you have questions or subscribe now by clicking here.

Measurement Certification Update:
The IAB continues its efforts in educating marketers, agencies and publishers on the critical importance of measurement certification. As more and more marketers demand audited numbers be used as the basis for billing with their Interactive campaigns, Interactive publishers are the first to take the requisite steps to obtain measurement certification. This movement continues to secure Interactive's place as the most accountable and measurable of media. A number of large publishers and ad serving organizations have already completed audits and certification against the Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines, including AOL, Atlas, CNET, DoubleClick, Univision, the Walt Disney Internet Group, Weather.com and Yahoo! with many more well underway. For more information on the Measurement Initiative or for auditing and certification questions, please contact Erica at [email protected].

member services

We extend a hearty welcome to the IAB's new members:

Bonneville International
Cablevision Systems Corp.
Crisp Wireless

Jordan Edmiston Group
Lexico Publishing Group, LLC
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Millennial Media

Committee Feature

The Search Committee
The Search Committee is currently focused on evangelism efforts, and will be reaching out to clients and agencies in 2007. In May and June, the committee will be hosting breakfast forums in New York and Chicago.

Member companies participating on this committee include:

24/7 Real Media, Inc.
Advanstar Communications, Inc.
Autobytel Inc.
CNET Networks, Inc.
Compete, Inc.
Cox Newspapers, Inc.
Critical Mass
DAC Group
Did-it Search Marketing
DoubleClick / Performics
Dynamic Logic

Fidelity Assets
Google, Inc.
GSI Commerce
IAC / Interactive Corp
iCrossing, Inc.
Idearc Media Corp.'s SuperPages.com
Industry Brains
Kontera Technologies, Inc.
Leapfrog Online

Mediaplex (ValueClick)
Megaglobe Inc.
MSN (Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions)
Television Bureau of Advertising
TMP Directional Marketing
Univision Online
ValueClick, Inc.
Yahoo! Search Marketing