Internet Advertising Revenues Hit Historic High in Q3 2012 at Nearly $9.3 Billion, Rising 18%

Internet advertising revenues in the U.S. reached $9.26 billion for the third quarter of 2012, making the quarter the biggest on record, according to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report figures released by IAB and PwC US. These figures show an 18 percent climb year-over-year, in comparison to Q3 2011’s $7.8 billion. In addition, they mark a 6 percent increase over the Q2 2012 figures of $8.72 billion. Read more»

IAB Digital Media Sales Certification—Put It on Your Resolution List

Are you an expert in digital media sales? What about your team? Prove it—to your clients, to your employer, and to yourself. Success with the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification confirms that you have a solid foundation in the field, understanding the core concepts, guidelines, and best practices in interactive advertising, and it positions you for success. More than 600 digital media sales executives have taken the test or are already scheduled to in 2013 and 275 have been certified since the program began in June 2012. The next testing window begins Wednesday, January 2, and ends Thursday, January 31.

IAB member organizations—including Collective, Real Media Group, IDG—understand what earning the certification signifies and are requiring their entire sales teams to participate. “The interactive landscape is too competitive—and too complex—not to make sure that your executives are fully equipped with the intricate knowledge base and skill sets they need in order to thrive,” said Jed Savage, EVP, Media Sales and Strategy, Collective.

Take the test. And, make sure your team does too. Learn more and apply.

“I think it’s really important to be able to say I am an expert in the field of digital advertising and this certification proves that.”
– Alison O’Brien, Digital Product Manager, DMSC, The Roanoke Times

“Taking this exam is an experience that has meaning and value.”
– Kristine Bonds, Regional Director, Sales, DMSC, Collective

Cross-Media Opportunities for Marketers: Nearly Two-Thirds of Mobile Phone Video Usage Happens at Home

IAB and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence released “The IAB Mobile Phone Video Diaries,” research showing that 92 percent of consumers share mobile video clips with others, frequently taking digital video advertising viral, and 63 percent of digital video screening on mobile phones does not happen on-the-go, but rather at home. Over a third (36 percent) of these home-based digital video activities happen in a room where a second screen—a TV, desktop computer, or tablet—is also available for viewing purposes. These findings combine to point to significant cross-media opportunities for brand marketers, whether tying mobile digital video to live television programming or linking magazine ads to relevant mobile clips. Read more»

IAB Ad Engagement White Paper to Serve as Launching Point for New IAB Working Group to Define Ad Engagement Constructs, Interactions and Metrics in 2013

The importance of establishing a much-needed framework for defining and rethinking ad engagement vernacular and metrics is the focus of a whitepaper released by IAB in collaboration with Radar Research. The report, titled “Digital Ad Engagement: An Industry Overview and Reconceptualization,” addresses a longstanding challenge faced by advertisers, publishers, agencies, marketers and a variety of other interactive industry participants for whom ad “engagement” is an essential device in digital advertising—yet one which lacks a precise and universal definition. Read more»

IAB Releases Site Tagging Best Practices for Public Comment, to Alleviate Industry-Wide Complexities

Like many essential tools in the interactive advertising industry, tagging has matured and evolved into a complex ecosystem that provides publishers and advertisers with massive benefits and insights—but also poses a series of technical and operational challenges. “Site Tagging Best Practices,” released for public comment by the IAB, meets these issues head on and provides practical steps to mitigate technical and operational tagging challenges. Developed by the IAB’s Data Council, through its Site Tagging Best Practices Task Force, the best practices offer detailed recommendations for site tagging to establish healthy workflow procedures and to ensure security in page performance and data control, as well as privacy compliance and consumer security concerns. The public comment period is open until January 4. Read more»

2013 IAB Events Calendar: Innovative. Inspiring. Impactful.

IAB is recognized as the convening voice of the industry, hosting more than 25 must-attend events each year for brand marketers, agencies, and publishers. In 2012, nearly 6,000 media professionals learned from and interacted with industry leaders through real-world case studies, in-depth debate and discussion, and networking sessions at IAB events across the country. Expecting nothing less in 2013. Check out the 2013 events calendar. Save the dates now—and secure sponsorship opportunities early too.

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