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Ecosystem 2.0 – Driving Growth in Digital Marketing

Marketers, Agencies, Publishers:
Join the leaders of the interactive industry at the IAB Annual Meeting

On February 24-26, 2008, an unprecedented lineup of world-class executives from marketing, advertising and media will converge in Phoenix, Arizona, at Ecosystem 2.0—Driving Growth in Digital Marketing.

The reason is simple: The theme of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual conference appeals to leaders across the value chain. Ecosystem 2.0 is focused on the evolution of relationships among platforms, publishers, agencies, and marketers, and how new ways of collaboration and competition will drive digital growth to unprecedented heights.

Featured presenters include Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang, AOL CEO Randy Falco, Microsoft’s new advertising chief Brian McAndrews, J&J’s Global Media Officer Kimberley Kadlec, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, Group M Interaction CEO Rob Norman, Revenue Science CEO Bill Gossman, BabyCenter Chairman and Global President Tina Sharkey, Ogilvy Chief Digital Officer Jean-Philippe Maheu, Computer Science CMO Don Friedman, IAC Media President Peter Horan, and Wenda Harris Millard, President, Media, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, as well as many others.

This will be an intimate gathering of leaders, for leaders, and with leaders. The content is “news you can use” and will provide immediate benefits to all players in the interactive industry.

One highlight of the event will be the much-anticipated debut of Phase II of the groundbreaking ANA-AAAA-IAB-Booz Allen Hamilton “Marketing-Media Ecosystem” study, focused on the emerging practices of media companies.

Among the questions you can expect addressed:

  • Will online advertising exchanges commoditize media or improve marketing productivity?
  • What will Yahoo’s, AOL’s, Microsoft’s and Google’s emergence as integrated platforms mean for agencies, publishers—and their clients?
  • How are agencies re-asserting their relevance and expertise in the face of potential disintermediation?
  • Will 2008 be the year interactive video gets commercialized—and how?
  • How are media companies generating actionable insights directly for consumer marketers?
  • How is the rise of behavioral targeting revolutionizing marketing strategy—and what are the implications of the FTC’s regulatory recommendations for the practice?

Whether you are a marketer, agency executive, or media professional, if you’re looking to network, learn and grow your business—— Ecosystem 2.0 is a must-attend.

Open to all! Marketers, Agencies, Members and Non-Members alike!

Calendar of Events

Ecosystem 2.0 is just the beginning of the IAB’s 2008 lineup. IAB events are designed specifically to deliver the latest information on interactive advertising platforms, trends and innovations by the leaders who are making things happen in the marketplace. The IAB is committed to keeping the industry on the cutting edge of interactive media and advertising trends.

And much more awaits in 2008. Here is just some of the IAB’s Events lineup. Please go to www.iab.net for regular updates on content and speakers for all events.

February 13, 2008
IAB Industry Services Digital Video Advertising Luncheon
Join us in New York as the IAB hosts a special luncheon seminar exclusively for marketers and agencies showcasing digital video advertising and providing insights for creating successful campaigns. For more information on the seminar, or to download the IAB’s recent report on digital video, please visit www.iab.net/dvplatform.

March 19, 2008
Leadership Forum: Performance Marketing
Chicago Marriott, Chicago, IL
More information coming soon!

March 31, 2008
IAB Marketplace: Networks & Xchanges
Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY

May 5, 2008
Leadership Forum: Digital Video
Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY

June 2, 2008
IAB Leadership Forum: User Generated Content & Social Media
Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY

September 22-23, 2008
MIXX Conference Expo & Awards
Crowne Plaza Hotel Times Square, New York, NY

October 2008
IAB Ad Operations Summit
New York, NY

November 10, 2008
Leadership Forum: Agency Summit
Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY

November 2008
IAB Audience Measurement Leadership Forum
New York, NY

Experts You'll Hear From...
Jerry Yang
CEO and Chief Yahoo! of
Rob Norman
CEO, GroupM Interaction Worldwide
Wenda Harris Millard
President, Media, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Randy Falco, Chairman & CEO, AOL
Brian McAndrews, SVP, Advertiser & Publisher Solutions Group Microsoft Corp.
Kimberly Kadlec, Chief Media Officer, World Wide Vice President, Johnson & Johnson
Tina Sharkey
Chairman and Global President, BabyCenter LLC

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