These guidelines are intended to cover dynamic, in-game advertisements that appear in PC or Console-based games.

These guidelines are not intended at this time to cover the following: Around-Game Advertisements; Static In-Game or Sponsorship Ads; 3D Ads; Event-based Ads; or Ads that appear in games in a mobile environment. These guidelines also do not consider the impact of those Users who may opt out of receiving advertisements during game play; this circumstance may be considered at a future time pending study of the potential impact of such non-participation upon reported measurements. For purposes of this guideline and until further guidance is developed, Users who opt out of receiving advertisements should not contribute to valid ad impressions.
This document is principally applicable to those organizations involved in the PC and Console game industries, and is intended as a guide to accepted practices, as developed by the IAB and MRC. In addition, In-Game Advertising planners and buyers can use this document to assist in determining the quality of measurements.