IAB Ethical Email Guarantee

The IAB eMail Committee is announcing the Ethical eMail Guarantee, which is a set of suggested industry guidelines in regard to obtaining email lists. These guidelines will enable advertisers and agencies to feel more at ease with list sourcing methods and confident that disclosure is articulated on insertion orders by participating IAB Member companies.

  1. List Provider guarantees that all records they deliver to on behalf of the client have specifically agreed to receive third party offers.
  2. List Provider agrees to fully disclose the source of any email address record delivered to on behalf of the client, including the exact method by which permission was obtained, upon inquiry from either the client or any individual receiving email from the List Provider on behalf of the client.
  3. List Provider assures that it is mailing the contracted volume to unique email addresses in the exact quantity ordered. List Provider will not jeopardize the client’s brand by over-delivering above the contracted amount unless specifically requested by the client through an amendment of the contractual terms.
  4. List Provider assures that delivered mailings are sent to the exact select criteria designated by the client in the contractual terms as determined by the contact’s most recently recorded data with the List Provider.
  5. List Provider agrees to honor all unsubscribe requests that may result from the campaign
  6. If the List Provider has violated any of these guarantees on a contracted mailing then they will gladly refund the invoiced amount.