Email Guidance

IAB Email Guidelines
The IAB eMail Committee has issued a series of guidelines to bolster confidence among consumers, marketers, and agencies regarding the industry's email practices. They are as follows:

Many of the solutions to curtail unsolicited, fraudulent, deceptive and misleading email marketing messages currently being proposed or used in the marketplace are either ineffective or worse damaging to legitimate uses of email. The IAB, NAI's ESPC and TRUSTe, have announced a joint white paper that describes their collective agreement that a Do-Not-Email registry would cost the marketplace dearly without reducing the amount of spam. To view the white paper, click here.

Additionally, the ESPC has issued their comments on the feasibility of a Do-Not-Email Registry to Mr. Donald S. Clark, Secretary of the Federal Trade Commission. This document has been endorsed by the IAB. To view a copy of the ESPC letter, click here.

Acknowledging the critical importance of consumer consent regarding email marketing, the IAB, Nai's ESPC and TRUSTe, have announced The Email Marketing Pledge - the most stringent set of email marketing guidelines to date. Through its clear mandate regarding permission and use of email addresses, the Pledge will increase industry accountability, and curb unwanted and unsolicited commercial email. To view the pledge, click here.

The Ethical eMail Guarantee is a set of suggested industry guidelines in regard to obtaining email lists. These guidelines will enable advertisers and agencies to feel more at ease with list sourcing methods and confident that disclosure is articulated on insertion orders by participating IAB Member companies. To view the guarantee, click here.

Increasingly, a marketer’s email “reputation” will play a significant role in determining whether or not email is delivered. In addition to following industry best practices, marketers can take specific steps that can improve their “reputation” and maximize deliverability and ROI.

The following are critical elements for building positive email reputation:

  • ISP whitelists and automated feedback loops: ISP-level tools to help identify “good” senders and facilitate email delivery – reputation at the local level.
  • Authentication:  technology protocols that establish the true identities of senders and allow for the development of a sender’s email reputation.
  • Accreditation Services:  3rd-party programs that certify sender policies and practices and contribute to a sender’s email reputation.
  • Reputation Services:  Monitors that gather all available data intelligence on senders and aggregate a global reputation score

These charts were co-created by the Email Service Providers Coalition (ESPC) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) as a helpful guide for marketers navigating the offerings available today.

The charts that follow are representative and accurate at the time this document was created.  It is possible that, through the course of business, these details will change. Please note, these charts should not be considered an exhaustive list of all the available vendors and ISPs.  Please contact the ESPC (Jim Campbell, [email protected]) with any updates.