IES Implementation Challenge

 The Challenge:
Success of the Impression Exchange Solution (IES) will be measured by how widespread its adoption and use is.  To solve this “chicken-or-egg” adoption conundrum, the IAB is throwing out a challenge to the industry: The first two companies to demonstrate successful implementation of Impression Exchange Implementation Guidelines will be rewarded with industry recognition and accolades (see “The Rewards” below).

The Rewards:
To the victors (and the runners up) go the spoils!  The two companies demonstrating the most comprehensive and successful implementation of IES will be rewarded with industry recognition, including a role in the 2011 IAB Ad Ops Summit.

The Story:
The interactive advertising industry is nearing a point of explosive growth in the areas of mobile and digital video. These new and exciting mediums represent two shining examples of digital advertising reshaping the way our industry communicates with consumers. Ironically, while pioneering more effective methods to deliver advertising, our industry has not been as efficient in streamlining our own business practices—today, almost all invoices and payments for digital marketing campaigns are delayed due to lengthy and costly manual reconciliation and remediation processes.  This is because the parties doing the billing do not have scalable, automated access to the impression counts on which they are asked to bill.

The time has come to solve this age-old industry problem. It’s time for buyers and sellers to unite behind an automated solution: The IAB Impression Exchange Solution.
Earlier this year, the IAB Digital Supply Chain Solutions Team (at the direction of the AdOps Council) engaged in a comprehensive review of the IES initiative with a focus on adoption. We found three main problems which, when combined, explain the slow pace at which the industry has been moving to adopt this foundational area of standardization:
1.       Confusion around exactly how to implement IES: Solved!  The IAB recently published a completely revamped and updated IES implementation document:  Impression Exchange Implementation Guidelines. This new document was developed by members, professionally written, and presented in a way that makes everything from the value proposition to the data field names clear and unambiguous.

2.       A lack of clear and unequivocal support from the buyers of media: Solved!  There is now a press release on the wire from the ANAs, 4A's and IAB clearly stating the importance and value of IES adoption to the future of the industry.

3.       No critical mass of adoption and implementation from the buy-side vendor market: This is where we need YOUR participation...  While several agency ad servers have made progress towards implementing IES, many sell-side ad serving vendors (rich media vendors, video ad servers, etc.) have simply lacked the clarity and detail necessary to implement. However, this detail and clarity is now available in the newly released implementation guidelines.
The Rules:
In order to be considered for the rewards outlined above, participating companies:

1.       Must register the company’s intent to participate in this challenge by sending an email to [email protected] before October 24, 2011 (successful submissions will receive a confirmation reply).  The subject line of this email should read: "Impression Exchange Challenge" and the message body should contain the statement, "[company name] would like to participate in the IES challenge." The company name must match the domain name of the sender's email.  This registration email must also include ALL of the following:
     a.     Legal Company Name
     b.     Company Mailing Address
     c.     Company Website URL
     d.     Primary Contact for the Challenge
              i.      Title
              ii.     Email address
              iii.    Phone Number

A successful registration email will result in a confirmation message and a follow up meeting request.
The Judging:
Judging is qualitative and will be heavily influenced by the ability of the judge(s) to get a clear understanding of things like the scope of work undertaken and the company's efforts to adhere to the aforementioned implementation guidelines. For this reason, it behooves each participating organization to include some or all of the following either in the registration email or the resulting phone conversation:

1. Technical contact for the challenge (optional)
            a.        Title
            b.        Email address
            c.        Phone Number

2. Statement of intended work/scope of IES implementation (optional)
            a.        planned integration with existing systems
            b.        partner/customer adoption plan
            c.        planned resources assigned to implementation
            d.        Date of intended live implementation

3.  Integration Partner
            a.        Company or sell side ad serving system with which you intend to integrate