Best Practices for Rich Media Ads in Asynchronous Ad Environments

The rise of rich internet applications and environments, programmed in frameworks such as Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX), has enabled advertising to be delivered dynamically into a webpage without a full page reload.  While dynamic ad loading works well with standard ads using simple animations, rich media advertisements that can expand, hover, and exist outside of a standard ad frame are more problematic because of their use of more complicated Javascript and Dynamic HTML (DHTML) programming.

These Best Practices attempt to establish a standard set of Rich Media implementation rules for rich media ad vendors, creative development teams, and publishers.  In the current non-standardized publisher environments, Rich Media ads must either be built uniquely to each publisher’s rich internet environments or are not accepted at all.  This is because, when served, the Rich Media ads may not render correctly or additional, dynamically loaded Rich Media ads may render incorrectly because of prior loaded ads.

Adhering to these Best Practices will enable:

  • Rich Media vendors to implement standard elements within their development and publishing tools that will automatically insert coding accepted and rendered correctly by compliant publishers
  • Creative Development teams to develop their own Rich Media that will also be accepted and rendered correctly by compliant publishers
  • Publishers to develop a standard environment that will accept and correctly render all Rich Media ads designed to compliant specifications

Although this document is highly technical and is intended for technical resources at these three types of companies, it is important for everyone to understand the implications of these Best Practices.  Rich Internet Applications and other rich environments are enabling richer user experiences throughout the Internet.  Adoption of these Best Practices will allow more publishers to improve their content and services for their users by enabling the serving of the widest range of advertising products.