Pop-up Guidelines
All of our display ad unit guidelines are now available on one page. Please visit www.iab.net/displayguidelines.

In an effort to improve interactive as a medium for advertisers and consumers, the IAB’s Pop-Up Task Force is announcing a set of industry guidelines for the usage of pop-ups and pop-unders. These guidelines are geared to help improve consumer perception of pop-ups by applying consistency in their use, specifications and labeling. Furthermore, these guidelines provide advertisers and their agencies with the ability to develop consistent advertising content through uniform specifications. Application of these guidelines will improve consumer credibility with interactive advertising and lend efficiency to online ad creation, planning and buying.

After reviewing industry research around user acceptance and ad effectiveness, as well as soliciting industry feedback, the IAB's Pop-Up Task Force announces the following guidelines for pop-up and pop-under advertising units:

Analysis and Process:
The Pop-Up Task Force set out to understand the key challenges of online rich media advertising from agencies, users, marketers, publisher & technology providers. Below is a synopsis of key findings, the methodology utilized and our key conclusions from the industry review.

For more information about the process, please read our Complete Industry Overview.