Download IAB Platform Status Report: A Mobile Advertising Overview

Mobile advertising is one of the most exciting new frontiers in interactive advertising in the US. As the Internet is reinvented on mobile devices—smaller, more personal and personalized, ubiquitously accessible, established forms of interactive advertising will also evolve as they migrate from PCs to mobile devices. This document offers advertisers and agencies a guide to this emerging platform in the US. Mobile advertising opportunities span a broad range from search to messaging to in-game placements. This first IAB Mobile Platform Status Report will focus on mobile display advertising, examining this dynamic market as it stands during the summer of 2008. It illustrates mobile advertising considerations and outlines advertising opportunities for mobile devices, from the perspective of established interactive advertising on the Web. It will focus on the following questions:

WHAT IS MOBILE ADVERTISING? Understand the mobile landscape, who is using mobile applications, and the key mobile interactive advertising opportunities that exist today.

WHAT DOES THE ECOSYSTEM LOOK LIKE? Learn about the chain of intermediaries that connect  advertisers with consumers, and how it is similar to, and different from, the PC-based Web.

HOW CAN MARKETERS REACH THE MOBILE CONSUMER? Differentiate the technical and market  factors of mobile advertising to identify the best opportunities for different brands and campaign  goals.

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD? Identify key trends on this evolving platform, with an eye to how mobile advertising opportunities will expand over the next five years.

Download IAB Platform Status Report: A Mobile Advertising Overview