Savvy marketers realized long ago that consumers from all demographics are captivated by online games. They know that this advertising space is an opportunity to interact with target audiences in new, bold, creative ways. Shouldn’t you learn how to leverage the platform to win consumers and get the jump on your competitors?

Games advertising experts, marketing and agency executives, publishers and others—including keynote speakers Peter Moore from Electronic Arts and David Rubin from Unilever—are already lined up to share their insider strategies and insights at the IAB Games Marketplace on June 15 in San Francisco. Your consumers will be there too, on a panel comprised of different ages, lifestyles and both genders—and no doubt, they will reveal surprising habits and attitudes that no advertiser would want to miss. Learn more »

IAB Advances the Conversation on Social Media

Educating marketers, agencies and publishers on best practices in social media is a leadership role the IAB takes seriously. On May 18, at the sold-out IAB Social Media Marketplace in New York, the IAB released Social Advertising Best Practices providing the advertising ecosystem with new recommendations for the successful execution of social advertising campaigns. In addition, earlier this month the IAB introduced Social Media Ad Metrics Definitions to supply a framework that fosters consistency in this rapidly evolving medium.

At the IAB Social Media Marketplace itself, the buzz ran through the room, and through the press the next day, as leaders from across the industry unveiled their insights and actionable expertise. Keynote speakers Josh Bernoff, co-author of Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, Marc Fonzetti from Reckitt Benckiser and Sarah Hofstetter from 360i explored the ways brands can engage consumers in two-way communications streams that build trust and influence purchase decisions. Learn more »

Win a MIXX Award: Stand Out in the Creative Revolution

As the interactive advertising creative revolution rages and the economy limps along, it’s more important than ever to win the battle for clients and influence consumers. Capturing a MIXX Award can separate you from the competition. Recognizing innovation and impact, the MIXX Award’s 17 categories each offer an opportunity to shine. There is a category for every online campaign, including two that are new this year, Digital Interactive Out-of-Home Advertising and Branded Content. Enter your best creative work now for a chance to be honored with the most important award in interactive advertising, the only international interactive awards competition judged by an all-star panel representing the entire interactive advertising ecosystem—brand marketers, major media company executives and advertising agency experts. Read more and enter today »

Deadline July 10.

IAB Taps Top Talent to Re-Imagine Interactive Advertising—Gathers Formidable Team to Revise Interactive Ad Unit Standards

The IAB’s Re-Imagining Interactive Advertising Task Force—comprised of top online publisher, media agencies and, for the first time, creative officers from the nation’s leading advertising agencies—launched on April 23 its efforts to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the next stages in the evolution of interactive advertising. The group’s objective is to ensure that ad formats meet the growing business and creative needs of advertisers, agencies and publishers. Learn more »

IAB Launches Impression Exchange Solution, Advances the War on Discrepancies

Discrepancies have long been a challenge for the media industry, and interactive advertising has unique challenges to make the buying and selling of interactive advertising more efficient. The IAB’s latest tool to help the industry get past the challenge is the Impression Exchange Solution, which outlines the key functional requirements that allow publishers and agencies to detect and address discrepancies in near real-time by an automated exchange of impression data between publishers and third-party ad servers. The announcement was made on April 30 at the IAB’s Ad Ops Council Agency Day, a biannual gathering where leaders from the publisher and agency ad operations community come together to develop solutions for improving online ad operations. Learn more »

IAB Establishes Parameters for Counting Valid Clicks, Filtering Fraudulent Clicks, In Click Measurement Guidelines

To an Internet user, a click is a simple action. Accurately counting those clicks, however, is a complex operational task. The IAB recently released Click Measurement Guidelines, which establish parameters for the accurate buying and selling of cost-per-click advertising. The guidelines, agreed upon by key industry stakeholders, provide a strong framework for identifying and discarding invalid or fraudulent clicks, helping ensure that only legitimate clicks are counted.

The Click Measurement Guidelines:

  • Define the technical life-cycle of a “click” and outline standard methodologies by which clicks should be measured and counted, including provisions for identifying invalid and/or fraudulent clicks.
  • Establish standard terms that will help streamline the buying and selling of click-based media.
  • Increase transparency and consistency in click measurements for media companies, ad-serving organizations, advertisers, and third-party click auditors. Learn more »

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June 15, 2009
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