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A Message from Randall Rothenberg:

There couldn't be a better time to assume leadership of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Our 300+ members account for over 86 percent of all Interactive advertising spend in the United States and the lion's share of the innovation that is transforming media and the very essence of marketing.

The IAB's mission is simple: growth of the Interactive advertising marketplace, by helping Interactive media companies contribute to the growth of marketers' businesses.

We engage marketing's influencers and work with our members to establish guidelines and best practices that foster transparency and accountability. Simply put, our aim is to make it easier for marketers to embrace Interactive in all of its forms.

We are at an inflection point within media and marketing. Across all categories, product and service companies are increasing their Interactive spend, incorporating multi-platform strategies, and innovating furiously, recognizing that they have been given new tools with which they can drive consumer engagement, customer relationships, and growth. Senior executives now understand that Interactive marketing is marketing and that marketing is Interactive marketing. And this has translated into real spending within our space.

But this is only the beginning with the breakneck speed of development of new tools and technologies and their rapid adoption by marketers and consumers we have our work cut out for us to continue to prove, promote and protect our industry.

Watch us closely over the coming months as we continue to get the word out to the marketing community even more effectively on the Interactive story. I look forward to working with you and please, drop me a line at [email protected].

I want to know how we are doing and what more you would like to see from us.

Warm regards,


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The 2007 Leadership Forum: Performance Marketing is devoted to addressing the myriad of tools, technologies and strategies that have emerged and transformed the business of direct response. Performance Marketing will never be the same and we've assembled a list of industry heavyweights who will guide marketers through customer acquisition, to sales conversion to measurement and accountability. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn from the best. Headlining an agenda filled with leading industry speakers offering their expertise are keynotes, Cathy Davis, Senior Vice President, Marketing Services, Diageo and Jeffrey Glueck, Chief Marketing Officer, Travelocity.com. Click Here for a full agenda or here to Register today.

Calendar of Events:
The IAB has planned a calendar of events for 2007 that touches virtually every element of Interactive media.  Mark your calendars today for these upcoming events:

Leadership Forum:  Digital Video
May 7, NY, The Roosevelt Hotel

IAB Ad Operations Summit
October 16, NY, Reuters Building


Leadership Forum:  User-Generated Content and Social Networking
June 4, NY, The Roosevelt Hotel

Leadership Forum:  Agency Summit
November 12, NY, The Roosevelt Hotel


MIXX Conference and Expo
September 24-25, NY, Crowne Plaza Times Square

Annual Meeting

IAB Annual Meeting
November, NY


MIXX Awards Show
September 25, NY

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Other News
Clio Awards

The Clio Awards has announced March 1, 2007 as its final deadline date for submission of entries in all media. Please visit www.clioentries.com for further information.

Products and Services

Post your jobs with the IAB and fill all your open positions now!
The IAB Job Board has launched to great success with a number of listings across a broad range of interactive areas and disciplines. The IAB Job Board is available to anyone wishing to post a job in the interactive industry. The job postings will be featured in both the IAB website and in our IAB SmartBrief newsletter. For job description requirements and pricing information, please contact [email protected] or go here.

Standards and Guidelines

Click Measurement
The Working Group continues to work diligently with the Media Rating Council and is holding a series of calls in January and February to further refine the guidelines. For additional information email Erica at [email protected].

Rich Internet Applications Measurement Guidelines
The current guideline document has been sent to the Measurement Task Force for review. Once that comment period has closed, the document will be reviewed by appropriate industry groups (AAAA, etc) and then opened up for public comment. Please contact Jeremy Fain at [email protected] with any questions on this timing.

Rich Media Measurement
The Working Group met just before the holidays with the Media Rating Council to review the draft guidelines and provide feedback. The next draft of the guidelines will be reviewed in February. For additional information email Erica at [email protected].




IAB International News

IAB NZ Appoints Inaugural CEO
The Interactive Advertising Bureau New Zealand announced the appointment of an inaugural CEO, Mark Evans, who will take up the role part-time. Evans has an extensive background in interactive and magazine publishing. He worked for global tech-publisher IDG Communications in New Zealand for over ten years as Chief Technical Officer and online publisher. Evans also consulted for IDG Communications internationally where he was responsible for advising on internet publishing best-practices in editorial, technology, business management, sales, marketing and advertising, as the director of IDG's Global Web Support Centre for the Asia Pacific region and advisor to the North American and European regions.

Evans says that the initial focus of the IAB will be to create and grow the interactive community, drive membership of IAB NZ, and establish good resources for interactive marketers. "One of the first tasks we're looking to accomplish is to measure the size of the interactive advertising market in New Zealand and provide the industry with regular, accurate figures", says Evans.

For more information, www.iab.org.nz.

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industry initiatives
What is causing your ad impression discrepancies? How much of your traffic is really from your customers vs. non-human agents? Are you filtering with the same list as the third party ad servers and other publishers? Who's really visiting your web site? How are your customers using your site?

The IAB/ABCe International Spiders & Bots List can help you answer all these questions. It is the most comprehensive and current public list of non-human user agents in the world. Updated monthly by some of the largest publishers and most experienced web-audit experts, this list is necessary for accurately filtering your advertising and web server logs. It knows which bots are still active and which are not. The major publishers and third-party ad-servers are using it, and if discrepancies are an issue for you, you should be using it too. Without it, you will never know what is real and what is not. Contact Jeremy Fain ([email protected]) if you have questions or subscribe  here.

Measurement Certification Update:
The IAB continues its efforts in educating marketers, agencies and publishers on the critical importance of measurement certification. As more and more marketers demand audited numbers be used as the basis for billing with their Interactive campaigns, Interactive publishers are the first to take the requisite steps to obtain measurement certification. This movement continues to secure Interactive's place as the most accountable and measurable of media. A number of large publishers and ad serving organizations have already completed audits and certification against the Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines, including AOL, Atlas, CNET, DoubleClick, Univision, the Walt Disney Internet Group, Weather.com and Yahoo! with many more well underway. For more information on the Measurement Initiative or for auditing and certification questions, please contact Erica at [email protected].

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member services

We extend a hearty welcome to the IAB's new members:

Adtech US
American Express Publishing
DeSilva & Phillips, LLC
Emmis Interactive

Geary Interactive
Permission Data

Publishing Group of America
World Wrestling Entertainment

Committee Feature

The Lead Generation Committee
Have you ever seen a compelling online ad for a mortgage, clicked it, and then been asked to fill in your contact information to continue with your inquiry? As a standard example of lead generation, situations like these are quickly creating major money makers within the interactive space.

"The IAB Online Lead Generation Committee was formed to address issues facing marketers and providers alike in this quickly emerging field and help set best practices and standards to guide all parties concerned and ensure the long-term success of the channel," Gayle Guzzardo, the Chair of the IAB Lead Generation Committee, noted. "Lead generation is by far the fastest-growing interactive ad medium, with 71% year-over-year growth in revenue according to the latest IAB-PwC report, making the work of this committee vital to the industry."

The committee's current focus is on best practices, lead quality, and education that provides the basic lead generation know-how among marketers and agencies across categories.

Member companies participating on this committee include:

24/7 Real Media, Inc.
Alansis Media
AtomShockwave Corp.
Autobytel Inc.
Blue Lithium
Commission Junction (ValueClick)
Cox Newspapers, Inc.

Geary Interactive
GSI Commerce
Innovation Ads
iVillage, Inc
Leapfrog Online
Move, Inc.
Organic Inc.
Permission Data

Q Interactive
Return Path
Right Media Inc.
TMP Directional Marketing
Univision Online
ValueClick Media


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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Q Interactive
Engaged in one of the fastest growing industries in interactive advertising today, Q Interactive has made a name for itself as one of the industrys top online lead generation companies.

The company's ultimate goal is True 1:1 marketing, as promised at the advent of online advertising. To help make that happen, the company has focused its core strength on online lead generation and email, and uses a unique combination of permission-based consumer data in its proprietary TrueConversion Engine to target ads and services to the right individual across its ad network of over 1000 network sites.

Matt Wise, President and CEO of Q Interactive said, "We're proud to be a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Through the IAB, we hope to help establish lasting standards and best practices in online lead generation and e-mail that will ensure these channels continue to flourish for marketers and consumers alike."

We're happy to have Q Interactive as part of the IAB. For more information, please go to www.qinteractive.com.

Q Interactive

Q Interactive


Upcoming Committee and Council Meetings
Lead Generation Committee
February 6, 2:00-3:00pm
Local Committee
February 8, 11:00am-12:00pm
IAB Townhall Meeting
February 9, 12:00-1:00pm
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