IAB Announces Progress in Audience Measurement

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has announced the progress achieved in the auditing and accreditation of the two major interactive audience measurement companies, in the wake of the IAB's historic Audience Measurement Summit on May 16, 2007.

At the May 16 summit, held in the IAB boardroom, Nielsen//NetRatings announced its intent to enter into a full audit and accreditation with the Media Rating Council (MRC), the independent body chartered by the U.S. Congress to steward media measurement. Nielsen//NetRatings has completed a pre-audit and is now in the process of a full audit overseen by the MRC.

At the same time, comScore indicated a commitment to finalizing the timeline for a full audit and accreditation within 90 days from the May 16 date. comScore, has completed its pre-audit and is currently reviewing the MRC's report and proposal for a full audit but has not yet committed to a timeline.

See below to read the accompanying MRC Accreditation Progress Status Update on the progress of comScore and Nielsen//NetRating.

Also since the May 16 summit, the IAB has undertaken a number of initiatives that have educated marketing, media, and agency executives about best and emerging practices in audience measurement, and has continued to drive the consensus development of measurement guidelines for interactive media.

 Read the accompanying MRC Accreditation Process Status Update »

MIXX Sells Out in Its Third Year

The MIXX Conference and Expo, the official interactive event of Advertising Week 2007, is taking place at the Crowne Plaza Times Square on September 24 and 25. The theme this year is Innovation in Interactive, and the lineup of industry luminaries and the buzz surrounding the conference content and exhibitors has led to an early sell-out. The conference will deliver critical information to agencies, marketers and media companies about the new imperatives of interactive, how the confluence of Strategy+Channel+Content requires new forms of partnership among Marketers+Agencies+Media.

IAB Lead Generation Committee Releases New Reader

The IAB Lead Generation Committee has created the Lead Generation Reader, an indispensable resource for lead generation companies, marketers and agencies. It brings together three documents that highlight a subject that has been an area of intense and focused activity of this committee. For more, see IAB Committees and Councils, below.

 Download the Lead Generation Reader »


Calendar of Events
The IAB has planned a calendar of events for 2007 that touches virtually every element of Interactive media.  Mark your calendars today for these upcoming events:

MIXX Conference and Expo
September 24-25, NY, Crowne Plaza Times Square
IAB Ad Operations Summit
October 16, NY, Reuters Building
MIXX Awards Show
September 25, NY
Leadership Forum:  Agency Summit
November 12, NY, The Roosevelt Hotel
IAB Audience Measurement Leadership Forum
November 29, NY, Marriott New York


Ad Unit Guidelines

The Ad Sizes Working Group is developing and maintaining the IAB Ad Unit Guidelines, and meets bi-annually. Following the recent launch of the Creative Spec database, we will be adding recommended maximum fileweights in Q3-4 2007. For more information, please contact Erica DeLorenzo at [email protected].

Click Measurement

In collaboration with the Media Ratings Council, the Click Measurement Working Group provides the detailed definition of a "click" and the standard against which clicks are measured and counted, including invalid clicks and/or fraudulent clicks. We are getting prepared to share the document with other industry bodies in the near future, followed by a public comment period. For more information, contact Erica DeLorenzo at [email protected].

Rich Internet Applications Measurement Guidelines

The Rich Internet Applications Working Group has finished its work on the RIA Guidelines and public comment period is closed. Once the guidelines are finalized, they will further supplement the Ad Campaign Measurement and Audit Guidelines released in 2004, which details the standard for counting an online ad impression. For more information, contact Erica DeLorenzo at [email protected]


What is causing your ad impression discrepancies? How much of your traffic is really from your customers vs. non-human agents? Are you filtering with the same list as the third party ad servers and other publishers? Who's really visiting your web site? How are your customers using your site?

The IAB/ABCe International Spiders & Bots List can help you answer all these questions. It is the most comprehensive and current public list of non-human user agents in the world. Updated monthly by some of the largest publishers and most experienced web-audit experts, this list is necessary for accurately filtering your advertising and web server logs. It knows which bots are still active and which are not. The major publishers and third-party ad-servers are using it, and if discrepancies are an issue for you, you should be using it too. Without it, you will never know what is real and what is not. Contact Jeremy Fain ([email protected]) if you have questions or subscribe now here.

Measurement Certification Update

The IAB continues its efforts in educating marketers, agencies and publishers on the critical importance of measurement certification. As more and more marketers demand verified metrics be used as the basis for billing with their Interactive campaigns, it is becoming imperative to take the requisite steps to obtain measurement certification. This movement continues to secure Interactive's place as the most accountable and measurable of media. A number of large publishers and ad serving organizations have already completed audits and certification against the Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines, including AOL, Atlas, CNET, DoubleClick, Univision, the Walt Disney Internet Group, Weather.com and Yahoo! with many more well underway. For more information on the Measurement Initiative or for auditing and certification questions, please contact Erica at [email protected].


Lead Generation Committee

The IAB Lead Generation Committee, an active and growing group, released the IAB Lead Generation Reader, referenced above. It includes the IAB Marketer & Agency Guide to Lead Quality, the IAB Marketer & Agency Guide to Online Lead Generation, and the IAB Lead Generation Data Transfer Best Practices. The Committee believes that these documents address many issues facing agencies, marketers, and providers in the lead generation space.

The Lead Generation Committee also released the Data Transfer Best Practices document on August 15, 2007. The IAB will be promoting the document at an industry event on September 19-20 in Las Vegas, called the Online Lead Quality Summit, hosted by member company TARGUSInfo.

The Lead Generation Committee will meet again the day after MIXX, on September 26, to determine strategy and projects for the coming months. Please email [email protected] if you would like to be involved.

Games Committee

The games committee is currently focused on writing the first Platform Status Report expected to release in early September. The paper outlines the basic landscape and ecosystem of digital game advertising and tries to develop common terminology. Subsequent reports will most likely address demographics, best practices and case studies. For more information please contact Erica DeLorenzo at [email protected]

Mobile Committee

The Mobile Committee is looking to define "Mobile Advertising" for the IAB/PwC Advertising Revenue Report, and has just completed their long-term strategic plan. The first project the Committee will focus on for the remainder of 2007 is a Platform Status Report, a white paper that will give a comprehensive overview to this emerging platform. For more information please contact Jeremy Fain at [email protected].



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