Revenue: The Next Wave, the theme of the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in 2010, captures what is foremost in the minds of industry leaders—how to define the path forward for new media models to realize the full potential of interactive to drive substantial revenue. In just two years, the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting has established itself as the central thought leadership venue for senior executives to discuss and debate potential solutions to the most pressing challenges facing marketers, agencies and publishers. On the docket for February 21-23, 2010:

  • How are major media companies transforming themselves and their revenue streams to drive growth and dollars?
  • What is the future of journalism—free, open branded content or pay-wall protection?
  • From valuation to value—who’s buying whom and why?
  • Monetizing content—the TV Everywhere debate
  • From data to dollars—who “owns” data and why it matters

Given the importance, and the timeliness, of the event’s topic, the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting is positioned to attract a powerhouse crowd and to sell out earlier than ever before. Register now to be part of the conversation—and to save with early-bird pricing good only through Friday, December 18.

Featured speakers include:

Curt Hecht
VivaKi Nerve Center

Eric Hippeau
Chief Executive Officer,
Huffington Post

John Montgomery
Chief Operating Officer,
North America,
GroupM Interaction

David Moore
Chairman & Founder,
24/7 Real Media,
Chairman, IAB Board of Directors

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Save the Dates Now: IAB Announces 2010 Events Calendar

The IAB is recognized as the convening voice of the industry, hosting must-attend events for brand marketers, agencies and publishers. In 2010, the IAB will continue to deliver the conferences on which it has built a strong reputation—the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, Mobile Marketplace, Social Marketplace, the MIXX Conference & Expo, the Ad Operations Summit and, back this year for the first time since 2008, Networks & Exchanges. Also on the calendar for 2010 are new events and new formats—a Case Study Road Show highlighting the best in interactive that will crisscross major markets throughout the U.S. and, IAB Innovation Days @ Internet Week, a two-day immersive experience into the future of TV and video, plus games and branded content. Mark your calendar now.
View and print the 2010 IAB events calendar.

Q3 ’09 Internet Advertising Revenues, at Nearly $5.5 Billion, Show Slight Increase Over Q2

Against a backdrop of ongoing recessionary forces that have hit other advertising sectors with more impact, Internet advertising revenues reached almost $5.5 billion for the third quarter of 2009, representing an increase of 1.7 percent from the Q2 2009 figures published in the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report 2009 Second-Quarter and First Six Month Results. Announced by the IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, the Q3 ’09 numbers show nonetheless a decline of 5.4 percent over the same period in 2008. Read more »

IAB Releases 2009 Update to Ad Unit Guidelines

The IAB’s release of the “Ad Unit Guidelines 2009 Update” sets the stage for greater innovation and creativity in online advertising. For the first time, creative agencies lent their insights to the annual ad unit recommendations, joining the media agencies and publishers who have customarily been a part of the process.

Including creative professionals in the process of updating ad unit guidelines is a key aspect of the IAB’s Reimagining Interactive Advertising initiative, which brings together leaders from creative agencies, media agencies, and publishers to discuss next steps in the creative evolution of digital marketing. The resulting joint publisher-agency working group, the Reimagining Interactive Advertising Task Force, took on as its first order of business updating the criteria for standard ad units by looking at industry-wide impression count reports, ad unit availability, agency-side effectiveness reviews and creative preferences. With the new criteria, it made recommendations on the current list of eighteen standard ad units, including:

  • In order to be considered a standard, an ad unit must be commonly bought and offered throughout the marketplace; only seven of the eighteen ad units currently on the list meet the new criteria.
  • Ad units will not be removed from the standard list in 2009, but must meet the criteria by the end of 2010.

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New IAB and Bain & Company Study Poses New Organization Model for Online Publishers

Interactive sales teams with category and relationship expertise, services that provide solutions to marketer challenges and better measurement are just some of the organizational and systemic challenges that inhibit online ad growth, according to “Building Brands Online,” a study by Bain & Company, the global business consulting firm, and the IAB. The results were revealed in New York on November 12 to an invited group of senior marketing, advertising and media industry executives.

Key findings of “Building Brands Online” include:

  • Online ad formats and creative have not evolved to meet marketers’ needs
  • Media companies lack category expertise when they sell to brand marketers and engage with them too late in the media planning process
  • Marketers want integrated campaigns instead of platform-specific media programs
  • While marketers see high value in online advertising and believe that it could be effective at all stages of the purchase funnel, current industry practices inhibit greater investment of brand ad dollars
  • Marketers express needs for differentiated services for their brands and believe that media companies and agencies have to meet those differentiated needs for online advertising to grow.

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IAB Releases “VAST 2.0,” Newest Version Streamlines Process of Serving Digital Video

The lightning-quick pace of innovation in digital video ad platforms and tools has resulted in divergent technologies and systems that impact the successful deployment of advertising campaigns. To resolve this friction point and continue its leadership role in standardizing digital video the IAB released “VAST 2.0”, an update to the Digital Video Ad Serving Template that it created in July 2008 to standardize the communication protocol between video players and servers.

VAST 2.0 includes critical updates that:

  • Permit optional tracking of companion ads and other ad elements
  • Provide support for multi-part creatives
  • Allow for a broader range of digital video ad products
  • Clarify many technical requirements to ease implementation.

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IAB Ad Operations Summit: From Ideas to Action

A sell-out crowd of ad operations professionals that included more agency and brand professionals than ever before attended the IAB Ad Operations Summit on November 16 to build the strong, cross-functional partnerships needed to achieve quantifiable progress in the war on discrepancies. The enormous, quantifiable progress achieved by the IAB’s Ad Ops Council, working closely with other industry groups, echoed throughout the day. Industry leaders revealed a clear, defined roadmap for automation, systems integration and standardization, as they demonstrated the increased efficiency gains and decreased costs associated with such recent solutions as the E-Business Interactive Standards, Ad Load Performance Scoring tool and Impression Exchange Solution. Read more »

IAB Releases “Email Monetization Strategies,” Provides Marketers and Publishers with Best Practices to Drive Revenue Through Email

Email has revolutionized interpersonal communication in both business and private settings and marketers increasingly seek effective means for using email to build deeper relationships with their customers. To provide a comprehensive resource for publishers and marketers, the IAB announced the release of “Email Monetization Strategies,” the next step in the IAB’s ongoing efforts to establish a solid foundation of guidance and tools for the email marketplace. It provides publishers, agencies and marketers with recommendations and best practices for the successful execution of email marketing campaigns.

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IAB Member Benefit: Audio Committee Added to Roster

In response to member and industry demand, the IAB has introduced an audio committee to address key areas within the marketplace—streaming radio, podcasts, newscasts and more. Committee participation offers IAB members the opportunity to meet and collaborate with peers while significantly contributing to the industry. The first meeting will take place at the IAB Offices in New York City on Tuesday, December 8, from 1:30pm - 3:00pm, with remote participation possible via phone. For information about IAB membership and committee involvement, please contact [email protected].

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IAB Members-Only Seminars

Viewable Impressions – A Discussion of Methodologies and Introduction
December 2

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IAB Annual Leadership Meeting
February 21-23, 2010
Carlsbad, CA

Social Media: IAB Marketplace
April 5, 2010
New York, NY

Networks & Exchanges: IAB Marketplace
May 3, 2010
New York, NY

IAB Innovation Days @ Internet Week
June 8-9, 2010
New York, NY
Day 1 -
Innovation: The Future of TV & Video
Day 2 -
Innovation: Games & Branded Content

Mobile: IAB Marketplace
July 19, 2010
New York, NY

IAB MIXX Conference & Expo
September 27-28, 2010
New York, NY

September 28, 2010
New York, NY

IAB Ad Operations Summit
November 1, 2010
New York, NY