IAB Standards, Guidelines, Best Practice Documents in Public Comment

All documents listed here are for public comment
To view all final IAB documents please visit here.

IAB announces a thirty day call for public comment where members of the industry (advertising agencies, advertisers, online publishers and technology vendors) are encouraged to read the proposed guidelines and submit comments. After the 30-day comment period, the feedback will be reviewed and the guidelines will be finalized and publicly released via the IABlog.


There is nothing currently for public comment.


IAB Digital Video In-Stream Metric Definitions

The IAB Digital Video In-Stream Metric Definitions were last updated in 2008. Released by IAB Digital Video Committee in early 2014, this document is a much-needed refresher to metric definitions that had gone stale with advancing technology. While most definitions have not been changed, other than to more clearly state the purpose for each, a few new metrics have been introduced, some minor changes made, and some outdated definitions deprecated.

To Download: Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metric Definitions is available at iab.net/digitalvideoinstream.

Final Best Practices For Reducing Risk Of Traffic Fraud

The IAB and its Traffic of Good Intent Task Force have issued the final version of “Best Practices – Traffic Fraud: Reducing Risk to Exposure.”  The document explains and analyzes robotic traffic, or “bots,” and other forms of online traffic fraud that can derail marketers’ campaigns by producing illegitimate impressions and skewing audience data. It then gives concrete recommendations that publishers, networks and buyers can use to mitigate these risks.

To Download: Best Practices - Traffic Fraud: Reducing Risk to Exposure is available at iab.net/trafficgoodintent.