Spring 2010 Curriculum

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All classes count towards the IAB Certificate in Interactive Advertising, earned after 40 hours of training with the IAB or our approved partners.

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March 25, Best Practices in Yield Management, taught by James Deaker, Director, Microsoft Advertising Monetization Excellence

Two areas that have significant impact on overall monetization capability are pricing and inventory management, or put another way, Yield Management. For publishers, yield management is an increasingly important area of their businesses as they seek to not only sell more impressions, but also to sell impressions at a higher yield, maximizing revenue. As such, the goal of this program is to help publishers monetize their sites more effectively through the utilization of best practice yield/inventory management and pricing methodologies. The course will present an overview of best practices for product definition, inventory forecasting, rate card development and pricing policies. Participants will gain an understanding of the current state-of-the-art techniques, as well as analytical skills for improving the revenue opportunity on their sites. Taught by James Deaker, Director, Publisher Advisory Services at Microsoft.

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, IAB Offices in NYC, $249 non-members / $199 for IAB Members

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April 1, Digital Career Workshop: Landing Your Next Job, taught by Tonia Mattu and Jeff Lundwall of the Mercury Group

IAB Professional Development has partnered with the Mercury Group, a retained recruitment firm specializing in media, agency and media/technology companies, to a hold a discussion-oriented Digital Career Workshop. This free, 2-hour session will address the challenges that professionals in transition face during today’s digital media landscape, and will present effective strategies on how to get on the radar of prospective employers and recruiters.

Mercury Group’s expertise working with digital media organizations will provide participants with a clear understanding of the marketplace and will offer actionable assistance on how to make successful career shifts during times of change.

Mercury Group’s career coach Tonia Mattu will present the key components of the Career Transition Program, and participants will engage in a series of results-driven exercises designed to expedite job search time.

During this highly interactive workshop participants will:

  • Learn the different stages of a job search and action items for each stage
  • Participate in a goal setting exercise
  • Uncover competencies that employers are seeking
  • Create a positioning statement to get the attention of prospective employers and recruiters
  • Learn tips on resume & cover letter development

This free session will introduce concepts and approaches that will be covered inclusively in the 5-week Career Transition Workshop for Digital Media Professionals held in April. Attendees will receive a $50 credit to the paid program.

6:00 - 8:00 PM, IAB Offices in NYC, Free

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April 15, Essentials of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem, Part 1, taught by Steve Bookbinder of the Internet Advertising Institute

The IAB has partnered with the Internet Advertising Institute to present an introduction to the digital media advertising landscape. Beginning with a grounding in the business models that support the internet we rely on for our daily doses of information, communication, and entertainment, this seminar will discuss the different kind of marketing activities that take place online, the technology and business processes that enable them, as well as the major players involved. Explanations of the vocabulary required to understand and succeed in today’s media environment will be embedded throughout. Case studies are used to illustrate the concepts and discussion is encouraged.

Specifically, this session will address:

  • Internet Business Models
  • The Players and Their Roles
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Online Advertising Inventory and Currency
  • Executing the Digital Campaign: Ad Operations Overview

Designed for those new to the industry or with a background in traditional media sectors, participants will gain an understanding of the rapidly evolving and often complex interactive media ecosystem. This session is intended to be taken in conjunction with Part 2, offered the following week.

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM, IAB Offices in NYC, $249 non-members / $149 for IAB Members. Parts 1 and 2 can be taken together for $400 non-members / $250 members

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April 21 May 19, Career Transition Groups for Digital Media Professionals, taught by Tonia Mattu of the Mercury Group

Career Transition Groups are structured, 5-week workshops designed to help media professionals generate focus, momentum and action during career transition. Whether concentrating on staying in media or considering a new industry path, the program will uncover core competencies, help communicate skills clearly, manage actions efficiently, and create a clear direction for next steps.

The Career Transition Groups are led by media career coach Tonia Mattu, and the series is supplemented by a discussion with digital media recruiter Jeff Lundwall, who will share tips on what recruiters and employers are looking for, and will present effective strategies on how to get on their radar. Upon completion of the program, participants will have an opportunity to present their personal marketing material to the group and will receive feedback on their content and delivery.

The workshops provide a collaborative and supportive learning environment, and utilize a variety of interactive learning methods – group activities, individual assignments and Q&A – to work through the core content that every professional in career transition needs to know.

Career Transition Workshop

Week 1: Career Transition Assessment

  • Time Management & Productivity
  • Goal Setting
  • Action Planning
  • Accountability Scheduling

Week 2: Self Evaluation

  • Values Exploration
  • Competency Identification

Week 3: Action Planning

  • Positioning Statement
  • Network Mapping
  • Requesting Help
  • Cold/Warm Call Scripting & Practicing

Week 4: Search Execution

  • Resume, Cover Letter Review
  • Career Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Optimization: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Interview Preparation and Practice

Week 5: Discussion & Personal Consultation with Digital Media Recruiter

  • Receive Feedback on Marketing Material, Direction for Next Steps a Get Added to Candidate Network

Evening and Morning sessions available

Wednesdays mornings April 21 – May 19, 9:00 – 11:00 AM, IAB Offices in NYC

Monday evenings April 26 – May 24, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, IAB Offices in NYC

$395 for 10-hour program

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April 22, Essentials of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem, Part 2, taught by Steve Bookbinder of the Internet Advertising Institute

The second half the IAB’s Essentials course, delivered in partnership with the Internet Advertising Institute, builds on the lessons of the previous week and dives deeper into the technical aspects of buying, executing, and optimizing online campaigns. This session will also discuss the sales cycle and share some best practices for selling and buying digital media. You will gain a perspective on how paid advertising can work together with owned and earned media as a holistic digital strategy. Specifically, this session will address:

  • Key Enabling Technologies for Advertising
  • Behavioral Targeting: What it is and how it works
  • Campaign Management Issues
  • Processes and Strategies for Selling
  • Internet Math: A Primer on Metrics
  • Owned, Earned, and Paid Media: How advertising fits into a larger marketing strategy

After this two-part program, participants should have a solid grounding in the basics of online marketing and advertising, but the session will conclude with a discussion of important topics to gain additional knowledge and how you can learn more about them.

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM, IAB Offices in NYC, $249 non-members / $149 for IAB Members. Parts 1 and 2 can be taken together for $400 non-members / $250 members

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May 13, Professional Presentations: Turn Information into a Story That Sells, taught by Anne Miller, Advertising, Presentation, and Sales Specialist

At a time when presentation skills need to be razor-sharp, too many ad sellers are “presenting” the virtues of their sites when they need to be “communicating” the value of their sites to advertisers and their bottom lines. And they need to do that in a compelling, engaging, persuasive way with confidence, authority, and credibility.

This 1/2 day seminar will show participants the difference between mediocre presentations that induce client yawns and exceptional presentations that close business.

With a combination of lecture, demonstration, and individual exercises, participants will learn how to:

  • Properly plan for specific presentations
  • Instantly connect with their buyer(s)
  • Build buying momentum for their story and make it compelling and engaging
  • Turn a presentation from a monologue into a dialogue
  • Give meaning and clarity to complex visuals
  • Close easily and naturally to the specific next step in the sales process
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence, authority, and passion

This seminar is designed for both junior reps with at least one year’s experience who need to get on top of their presentation game as well as more seasoned reps who want to re-tool and refine their performance.

Not only will participants gain a much deeper appreciation of what it takes to make a winning sales presentation and a clear understanding of their strengths and areas of weakness, they will acquire tools, tips, and techniques to apply what they’ve learned and ultimately bring in more business for their companies.

Anne is well-known in the media industry as a respected author, speaker, and seminar leader. In the last twenty-five years, she has taught salespeople at more than 100 print and online companies, including Yahoo!, DoubleClick, PointRoll, UGO, and Visible World, how to sell millions of dollars worth of advertising.

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, IAB Offices in NYC, $249 non-members / $199 for IAB Members

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May 27, The Right Ad for the Right Consumer at the Right Time: Data-enabled Advertising through Exchanges and DSPs, taught by Megan Pagliuca of Yahoo!, Brad King of BlueKai and Maureen Little of Turn

Exchanges, demand-side platforms and data players are revolutionizing the practices of online display advertising. This class will explore how this category has fundamentally altered the traditional advertising value chain and explain how advertisers and agencies can get the most out of these changes – achieving their marketing goals more efficiently and at lower overall cost. We will explain the different types of ad networks, exchanges, and demand side-platforms and describe the role of third-party data providers. Our straightforward market overview will clarify the various capabilities each type of company in this space offers and the ways in which they add value.

By walking step-by-step through a example campaign, we will describe how networks and exchanges can help advertisers achieve the elusive goal of getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. You will learn how the process is different when acquiring the inventory through these third parties, what is actually going on behind the scenes, and what players are involved as we step through from strategy and planning to campaign execution and evaluation. We'll explain the important issues of transparency and privacy, and present the IAB's latest guidelines for quality assurance when working with networks and exchanges. Finally, we will discuss the potential evolution of the world of networks and exchanges, both in terms of the future of the technology and business practices the industry relies on to support it. There's a lot of discussion today about real-time bidding, and we'll describe the exciting reality behind this capability as it exists now and the longer-term potential it will unlock down the road.

This session will enable advertisers and agencies to take advantage of auction-based approaches to executing digital campaigns and provide them with concrete strategies and tools to make better use of these channels. The class will also benefit any advertising professional new to the digital space who is looking to understand the overall digital advertising landscape.

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM, IAB Offices in NYC, $249 non-members / $149 for IAB Members

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June 10, Ad Operations as Revenue Management, taught by Sandra Baez and Charlie Weiss of the Wall Street Journal Online, Fergus Mellon of AOL and Chris Eberle of Meebo

This seminar presents ideas that can help your organization transform its operational philosophy and re-focus on enterprise-wide revenue management. We will show how to build better partnerships across the organization, with a particular emphasis on sales and operations. Here, aligning the each team’s goals, defining responsibilities, and implementing risk mitigation strategies can improve performance and reduce the instinct to assign blame when mistakes, inevitably, are made. Organizational tools and processes – from simple reports and analysis that support better pricing and inventory management, to a plan for building cross-functional pricing councils can help fuel a culture of revenue management. The instructors will illustrate these ideas with case studies and examples from their experience at the Wall Street Journal and other leading publications. Participants will also see specific ways to implement these ideas, with both quick wins to test the concepts and build momentum as well as a longer-term plays.

This course is designed for executives in operations, finance, sales, and general management at digital publications of any size. Participants with authority to drive change in their organization will leave with concrete tactics to employ immediately. Other attendees will be armed with concepts and arguments to successfully make a case for change, winning additional responsibilities for themselves.

9:00 AM - Noon, IAB Offices in NYC, $249 non-members / $149 for IAB Members

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July 15, Targeting: Reaching the Right Audience Online, taught by Experts from AudienceScience and Peer39

Targeting, largely based on contextual approaches, has always been a crucial component of successful advertising campaigns. However, today’s fragmented media landscape and highly empowered users make it harder and harder to find customers and stand out from advertising clutter. This seminar shows how new targeting approaches, based on innovative technologies and analytic frameworks, allow digital marketers to boost both reach and frequency in their campaigns, extend marketing messages across the purchase funnel, and get the right advertisement in front of the right person surrounded with content chosen to maximize the message’s effectiveness.

You will learn the important data sources that underlie today’s most important targeting tools, the principles that allow optimization engines to turn data into insight, and the regulatory and consumer privacy pitfalls that must be avoided at all costs. This seminar will outline approaches to defining and targeting audiences and ensuring a good fit between that audience, the advertising message, and the meaning of the surrounding content. We will help you get started in the world of data mining and segmentation approaches and predictive behavioral targeting, and also provide proven tips and techniques for those looking to take their campaigns to the next level.

Intended for marketers and media planners, this seminar will also be useful for traditional media professionals looking to understand this fundamental capability of interactive advertising.

9:00 AM - Noon, IAB Offices in NYC, $249 non-members / $149 for IAB Members

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July 28, How to Respond to Digital RFPs: A Workshop for Publishers and Sellers, taught by experts from Politico.com and New Titans Media

The Request for Proposal (RFP) model was original designed as a business tool to help advertisers do a more thorough and consistent job when looking for channels to place ads. Today, the number of digital channels alone can make for an often inconsistent, disconnected and hard to follow roadmap for both advertisers and publishers.

This training session offers publishers and media sellers greater insight into the process of deciphering and responding to digital media RFPs by providing guidelines and best practices for sellers to follow when reviewing advertiser needs and putting together proposals to meet those needs. With a combination of presentation an interactive exercises, you will acquire insightful strategies and concrete tactics that will improve your sales capabilities.

Participants for this training will explore:

  • The 5 necessary components of any effective RFP
  • Ways for sellers review RFPs to determine relevancy and fit
  • Smart ways sellers can avoid conflicts with advertisers and promote peaceful and meaningful partnerships
  • Publisher and site best practices for maintaining value to visitors and advertisers
  • The top 10 pitfalls that sellers face and how to avoid them
  • How sellers can clearly communicate the value they bring to the table
  • How sellers can help advertisers reach their marketing goals
  • How to identify and promote seller Unique Selling Propositions

9:00 AM - Noon, IAB Offices in NYC, $249 non-members / $149 for IAB Members

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