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The social media landscape is rapidly evolving, but many marketers have barely scratched the surface of its possibilities. As consumer usage skyrockets across all demographics, savvy brands are taking advantage of the countless opportunities to both engage and engage with consumers online. You should be doing the same. Learn how at the IAB Social Media Marketplace to set yourself apart from the competition.

  • You can’t navigate what you don’t know
    Get a detailed understanding of the current and future social media landscape from the thought leaders who are shaping it
  • Data overload
    Learn how to develop your own social media scorecard and benchmarking for social campaigns so you can finally answer the question—what constitutes success?
  • Myth-busters
    Separate fact from fiction about brand image control, sponsored conversations and ROI so you can make informed decisions and get the most from your social media spend
  • Teach me how, teach me now
    Explore in-depth case studies from major brands which serve as a blueprint for successful social media campaigns
  • Thanks for the add
    Network and build relationships with decision makers from the biggest brands, agencies, publishers and platforms

The IAB Social Media Marketplace brings together industry-leading advertisers, publishers and platforms to tackle big issues and provide real-world, real-time solutions for leveraging social media. Actionable take-aways will help you do business better immediately, carving out a unique niche as a social media specialist and increasing the value you bring to any marketing team. No brand marketer, agency executive or media professional can afford to miss this learning opportunity.

View video highlights from the 2008 IAB Social Media Event.

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Find out how this event can separate you from the competition.

Featured Presenters:

Andrew Markowitz Andrew Markowitz
Director, Digital Marketing
Kraft Foods Inc.
Jackie S. Woodward

Jackie S. Woodward
Vice President,
Media Services

Marc Fonzetti Marc Fonzetti
Manager and
Internet Specialist
Reckitt Benckiser
Josh Bernoff Josh Bernoff
Vice President,
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research
Sarah Hofstetter Sarah Hofstetter
Vice President
Emerging Media
and Client Strategy
Ian Schafer Ian Schafer
CEO and Founder
Deep Focus
Seth Goldstein Seth Goldstein
Co-Founder and
Chief Executive
Jory Des Jardins Jory Des Jardins
BlogHer, Inc.



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