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Introduction to Programmatic Media Buying, Taught by Spider Graham

Monday, September 16, 2013 9:00am - 12:30pm ET

Author, columnist and trainer Spider Graham demystifies how Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding (RTB) systems are changing the face of modern media buying to allow advertisers to make greater impact with their digital display advertising campaigns while giving publishers a powerful way to sell more inventory at a higher yield.

This half-day workshop explores how advertisers and publishers are using programmatic digital media buying (and selling) systems to effectively reach target audiences while decreasing costs and increasing profitability. From ad networks to Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to systems that allow publishers to quickly sell available impressions, Programmatic Buying is taking a lot of the toil out of the digital media buying process while creating new challenges for media buyers and sellers.

This workshop will give media sellers and buyers a better understanding of the best practices being used today by advertisers and publishers. Participants will learn:

•   How to Define Programmatic Buying
•   The Programmatic Buying Landscape
•   The unparalleled growth of Programmatic Buying
•   How Real-Time Bidding works
•   How ‘Big Data’ is driving Programmatic
•   RTB and Audience Targeting
•   What Media Planners need to know about Programmatic
•   Building efficient buying and selling systems
•   Programmatic Buying for Video and Mobile advertising

This workshop will also promote confidence in understanding the digital ecosystem, provide sales opportunities for web publishers, increase advertiser revenues and improve client relationships.

This course is geared towards junior level and/or new to the industry salespeople and media buyers/planners. This class qualifies for
DMSC recertification credits.

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