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Mobile (Smartphone) Advertising for Media Sellers Workshop - A Laredo Group Seminar

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Every media seller must now have a broad understanding of the driving forces behind mobile as a marketing channel and as an advertising medium. Marketers are looking for expertise and programs that support their need to connect with their customers, wherever they are. This workshop will provide a framework for interpreting and appreciating the complexity and challenges of the mobile advertising landscape, and illustrate how publishers can exploit mobile opportunities for deeper connections between media channels and audiences.

Specifically, this workshop will cover all the necessary elements of the mobile display ecosystem, from ad units and formats to ad delivery and measurement, highlighting the connections between marketers and mobile users. We will provide examples of how publishers have integrated mobile into their advertising programs.

  • Trends and Forecasts
  • Mobile Ecosystem
  • Mobile Ad Inventory and Formats
  • Mobile Ad Delivery
  • Mobile Campaign Metrics
  • Mobile as a “Connector” Media
  • Future Outlook


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