Past Seminars - 2011

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Essentials of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem, Part 1, taught by Steve Bookbinder of the Internet Advertising Institute

The IAB has partnered with the Internet Advertising Institute to present an introduction to the digital media advertising landscape. Beginning with a grounding in the business models that support the internet we rely on for our daily doses of information, communication, and entertainment, this seminar will discuss the different kind of marketing activities that take place online, the technology and business processes that enable them, as well as the major players involved. Explanations of the vocabulary required to understand and succeed in today’s media environment will be embedded throughout. Case studies are used to illustrate the concepts and discussion is encouraged.

Specifically, this session will address:

  • Internet Business Models
  • The Players and Their Roles
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Online Advertising Inventory and Currency
  • Executing the Digital Campaign: Ad Operations Overview

Designed for those new to the industry or with a background in traditional media sectors, participants will gain an understanding of the rapidly evolving and often complex interactive media ecosystem. This session is intended to be taken in conjunction with Part 2, offered the following week.

Three and a half Hours, Held August 4, 2011

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Essentials of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem, Part 2, taught by Steve Bookbinder of the Internet Advertising Institute

The second half the IAB’s Essentials course, delivered in partnership with the Internet Advertising Institute, builds on the lessons of the previous week and dives deeper into the technical aspects of buying, executing, and optimizing online campaigns. This session will also discuss the sales cycle and share some best practices for selling and buying digital media. You will gain a perspective on how paid advertising can work together with owned and earned media as a holistic digital strategy.

Specifically, this session will address:

  • Key Enabling Technologies for Advertising
  • Behavioral Targeting: What it is and how it works
  • Campaign Management Issues
  • Processes and Strategies for Selling
  • Internet Math: A Primer on Metrics
  • Owned, Earned, and Paid Media: How advertising fits into a larger marketing strategy

After this two-part program, participants should have a solid grounding in the basics of online marketing and advertising, but the session will conclude with a discussion of important topics to gain additional knowledge and how you can learn more about them.

Three and a half Hours, Held August 4, 2011

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Integrated Media Selling Workshop - A Laredo Group Course

Whether you work for a “pure play” online media company, or sell both online and offline media products, buyers expect you to know how all your ad products will work for them...separately and together. But for many companies, with a “silo” view of selling ad products, clients can’t see the synergy and potential of utilizing the multiple ad platforms and products to achieve their goals...hurting your chances of selling them your platforms or products to solve their needs. When your clients put a plan together, they are ultimately thinking “how does it (the media buy) all work together?” and “will this achieve my objectives?” This course will help you convey your value as a part of their plan.

Many media brands address overall needs by offering cross-platform or 360 media programs, which is essential in today’s multi-platform world. Unfortunately, the details and strategies for these programs are often not reflected in media kits and proposals. This training workshop will help sellers think through what is needed to create an integrated campaign that incorporates the appropriate mix of platforms (online and offline), ad products and other services that deliver on the client’s objectives. Well-conceived integrated plans won’t fall prey to “cherry picking” by the buyers and will deliver the highest revenue potential.

Specifically, this program will dissect the attributes of the major ad platforms, address how demographics impact campaign delivery options, provide a structure for developing an integrated strategy, map the platforms to the purchase decision funnel, offer a framework to correctly identify and justify the components, and give proven tips and techniques for getting buy-in by and managing your client’s expectations.

Three Hours, Held October 24, 2011

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Professional Presentations: Turn Information into a Story That Sells, taught by Anne Miller, Advertising, Presentation, and Sales Specialist

At a time when presentation skills need to be razor-sharp, too many ad sellers are “presenting” the virtues of their sites when they need to be “communicating” the value of their sites to advertisers and their bottom lines. And they need to do that in a compelling, engaging, persuasive way with confidence, authority, and credibility.
This 1/2 day seminar will show participants the difference between mediocre presentations that induce client yawns and exceptional presentations that close business.
With a combination of lecture, demonstration, and individual exercises, participants will learn how to:

  • Properly plan for specific presentations
  • Instantly connect with their buyer(s)
  • Build buying momentum for their story and make it compelling and engaging
  • Turn a presentation from a monologue into a dialogue
  • Give meaning and clarity to complex visuals
  • Close easily and naturally to the specific next step in the sales process
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence, authority, and passion

This seminar is designed for both junior reps with at least one year’s experience who need to get on top of their presentation game as well as more seasoned reps who want to re-tool and refine their performance.
Not only will participants gain a much deeper appreciation of what it takes to make a winning sales presentation and a clear understanding of their strengths and areas of weakness, they will acquire tools, tips, and techniques to apply what they’ve learned and ultimately bring in more business for their companies.
Anne is well-known in the media industry as a respected author, speaker, and seminar leader. In the last twenty-five years, she has taught salespeople at more than 100 print and online companies, including Yahoo!, DoubleClick, PointRoll, UGO, and Visible World, how to sell millions of dollars worth of advertising.

Four Hours, Held August 9, 2011; November 11, 2011

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Selling to Marketers and Agencies - A Laredo Group Course

A key part of the media sellers’ account planning process revolves around finding the right person at the marketer and/or agency to call on...whether to gather insights, present, or gain buy-in for proposals. The convoluted and rapidly changing world of multiple marketing disciplines and agencies, now means that the account planning process requires understanding the roles and relationships of the key players in creating and implementing advertising campaigns. In order to create the most relevant and appropriate presentations to these different constituents, sellers need to understand their roles and responsibilities, who influences the relevant media and marketing decisions, when and how. This knowledge is extremely important in order to bring the right insights and opportunities to your meetings and presentations as well as engage the appropriate stake holders.

Many times, however, the media sellers’ relationships are centered on the agency buying department. These relationships are strained by the turn-over of agency personnel, movement of accounts across agencies or holding company divisions, the agency’s use of self-serve and automated buying platforms, and the rampant transactional buying mentality. With all the turmoil and difficulty in getting to the appropriate media influencers, sellers need to consider if, when and how they should either go around the agency contacts and/or otherwise partner directly with the marketer.

This training workshop will help media sellers identify and understand the roles and decision influences at both the agency and marketer. These insights will be the framework for how to adjust and align your media’s value propositions. Specifically, this program will dissect the marketing and agency buying roles and responsibilities, what are the appropriate topics and perspectives you should bring to each, what value propositions need to be communicated, and help anticipate questions from each audience as well as address other relationship and timing considerations. This workshop will help you structure your account plans and presentations, and help you improve the efficiency of your sales approaches.

Three Hours, Held October 31, 2011

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Soft on People. Tough on Issues: Getting Positive Negotiating Outcomes, taught by Anne Miller, Advertising, Presentation, and Sales Specialist

Increase your negotiating savvy and confidence, get better deals, create and maintain good client relationships.

How do you survive and thrive in an environment where it seems that everyone wants to negotiate with you on everything? Learn to negotiate like the pros. Learn how they think, how they prepare, and what they specifically do to get the best outcomes. This 1/2 day seminar will teach participants how to:

  • Build your bargaining strength in the sales process prior to negotiating
  • Prepare for a negotiation (both mentally and on paper)
  • Open a negotiation that places you on an equal playing field with clients
  • Navigate through the process
  • Avoid the pitfalls of your negotiating style
  • Deflect pressure tactics
  • Create value for your service
  • Wrap up negotiations with relationships intact

Never “leave money on the table” again!

Three Hours, Held December 6, 2011

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What’s Your Number? Using Research and Measurement Data to Close the Deal

You know that one of the most valuable assets of your website is the audience that visits regularly to engage with your content; but did you know that understanding this audience and their preferences can go a long way during a sales pitch? Learn to maximize the value of your site to agencies and marketers with research and metrics that will help you tell the best story and set you apart from the crowd. You will also gain an understanding of the basics of online metrics and measurement and find out what agency planners and buyers are really looking for. Become familiar with concepts such as viewable impressions, panel-based vs. server-based, and web analytics. This class, taught by Steve Bookbinder of the Internet Advertising Institute, is designed for mid-level and junior ad sales staff.

Three and a Half Hours, Held November 15, 2011

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