Learn from a master class on networks and exchanges. Top luminaries from across the ecosystem will be on stage at the IAB Networks & Exchanges Marketplace to help you navigate the space by defining the field, detailing successful campaigns through in-depth case studies, breaking down the value and offering a look at what the future holds—and where the next opportunities lie.

Sessions include:

Understanding the Landscape for Networks & Exchanges
How can two companies call themselves networks or exchanges, yet offer completely different services? An industry analyst breaks down the different business models, clarifying how all the pieces fit together.

Case Studies from the Trenches
Networks and exchanges offer numerous paths for achieving marketing goals. Gain insights from three case studies that highlight marketers’ objectives and show how networks helped them reach their targets.

Data, Transparency & Privacy
Who owns the data? What does transparency really mean? Who should be responsible for privacy—and can it really be maintained? Listen in as industry insiders face off, offering their unique perspectives on data, transparency and privacy and arguing about who should ultimately be responsible for what.

Breaking Down the Dollar: Where’s the Margin?
Everybody thinks the other guy is getting the most money. So who really makes what? An industry luminary breaks down the marketing dollar and leads a lively discussion about where value is being created.

Looking Forward: RTB, DSP…OMG?!?
Real-time. Demand-side platforms. Publisher networks. Mobile and local. The rise of rich media. Industry practitioners battle over conflicting visions and possible scenarios for the future landscape of networks and exchanges.

Don’t miss out on insights that can move your business into the future. And be there to meet the senior executives who are driving the dynamic network and exchange marketplace.


Featured Speakers Include:

Alan Chapell
Alan Chapell
Chapell & Associates

John Ebbert
John Ebbert
Managing Editor,

Terence Kawaja
Terence Kawaja
Managing Director,
GCA Savvian Advisors

Daphne Liska
Daphne Liska
Head of Display Advertising,

David Moore
David Moore
Chairman & Founder,
24/7 Real Media,
IAB Board of Directors