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At the sold-out 2015 IAB MIXX Conference, marketers, advertising executives, publishers, and technologists came together to explore how marketing and media in today’s digital world must go beyond simply providing information, entertainment and utility. Aesthetics, design and beautiful user experiences that people love are the key to unlocking sustainable growth for sites, apps, platforms and utilities.

Featured speakers included Marissa Mayer, Seth Meyers, Ira Glass, Susan Wojcicki, Tim Armstrong, Wendy Clark, Daniel Ek, Margaret Gould Stewart, Mike Hopkins, Andy Markowitz, Ben Silbermann and many more.

IAB MIXX participants, along with other Advertising Week delegates, spent time doing business and relaxing in the IAB MIXX Lounge. The experience provided everything they needed to navigate the first two days of Advertising Week, making it a home away from home during the busy week of events that span New York City.


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IAB Announcements at MIXX

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