Breaking News from MIXX

Tuesday 11:00am

Yahoo! just broke major news at MIXX with the unveiling of their first ever global branding campaign, featuring the tagline, “It’s You.”

Elisa Steele, CMO Yahoo!, made a key point that targeting on the web is not about demographics. It’s about interests. With that in mind, Yahoo! aims to become the center of people’s online lives. Tapan Bhat, SVP Yahoo, joined Ms. Steele on stage to demonstrate many of Yahoo!’s new consumer-focused features.

Steele closed by premiering new Yahoo! marketing materials to the sold out MIXX crowd, including stills, video and even going so far to say the famous Yahoo! yodel will now be democratized as the audience was treated to remixes of the famous audio tagline. Yahoo!’s president & CEO, Carol Bartz, made a surprise appearance at the close to reinforce Yahoo!’s importance in the industry and their commitment to success.

Tuesday 10:00am

Dave Moore took the MIXX stage for the first time as IAB Board Chair. After delivering a powerful address in which he highlighted many of the IAB’s achievements over the past year, he closed with some wise words, “It is foolish to punish your partners by fire when you live under the same roof."

Next came an engaging interview of Chris Anderson by Charlie Rose that focused on the new economy of the Internet—something he coined “freemium” content. With distribution being free or near free and an infinite amount of content on the Web providing infinite inventory, media companies will need to find new ways to monetize their premium content. The conundrum – for each media company, the model may be different. More details can be found in his book Free: The Future of a Radical price

9:00 Tuesday

Day 2 of MIXX is about to begin. Stay tuned to this space for updates from the main stage all day long. For a more detailed play-by-play, follow the @IAB on Twitter or search #MIXX to see what everyone else is saying.

12:15 Monday

Tim Armstrong used MIXX as a platform to outline AOL’s new strategy. The focus: content, content and more content. Armstrong outlined how the 90s was access, something that AOL was built on. Then, the last ten years were about the platform. The next wave is content, something that always trails distribution. Now, users are making distribution far more targeted than ever before and with such targeted distribution, the key is producing the content consumers want and matching it with the appropriate advertising to achieve the desired results. Mr. Armstrong also expressed a desire to focus on local where he currently sees a “white space” on the Internet. The potential for creating local content at scale will be another key to AOL’s success.

10:55 Monday

Yusuf Mehdi just delivered new information and insights from Microsoft. After telling the story behind the development of Bing, Mehdi demonstrated the brand new Microsoft visual search/sort feature of Bing. In assessing search, Microsoft found opportunities from other search engines’ imprecise results, lack of refinement and difficulty with lengthy tasks. The features of Bing, especially the new visual search, address those needs.

Next, we received a preview of next generation gaming with Xbox powered by full-body motion control capture. In essence, your entire body becomes the controller.

Finally, Microsoft demonstrated—for only the second time ever—the workstation of the future. Powered by Microsoft Surface, this technology has the potential to completely change the way we live and work.

9:50 Monday

Adobe’s Ann Lewnes just set the tone for the next two days. Most of her keynote focused on the amazing creative you can put forth in the digital space and included an engaging demo of the New York Times Reader 2.0, powered by Adobe Air.

On the news front, she touched on the acquisition of Omniture and what it means for the future. Omniture is the leader in analytics and optimization. Their online marketing suite completes the loop of analyzing and optimizing the creative produced through Adobe. The future is exciting. Adobe is calling it the final union of art and science.

Lewnes also announced, in conjunction with Gigya, the ability to distribute and track widgets much more effectively.

More to come -

9:00am Monday

Good morning and welcome to the sold out 2009 IAB MIXX Conference. Stay tuned to this space for all the major breaking news throughout the two-day event. For a more detailed play-by-play, follow the @IAB on Twitter or search #MIXX to see what everyone else is saying.