Day 1 Conference Recap

MIXX 2010, the official interactive event of Advertising Week, kicked-off on Monday, September 27, with standing room only. Randall Rothenberg, IAB’s President and Chief Executive Officer, declared 2010 the year digital advertising broke out of the boiler room and entered the executive suite—proclaiming 2011 to be the year of digital branding. Digital innovation is fueling growth everywhere and the IAB’s goal is to help marketers, agencies, publishers and everyone in between chart the way.

Morning Keynote, Seth Godin, Author, Entrepreneur and Agent of Change, called on the audience to think about what is NOW, not what is NEXT as we enter the biggest revolution of our age. The industrial revolution—process, speed, organization—is dying as the tribal revolution takes over, a revolution that awards art rather than obedience. The current marketplace honors the creative, innovative, problem solvers, not those who follow instructions.

Microsoft and General Motors showed off a multiscreen approach to the November launch of the Chevrolet Volt. During the presentation, Microsoft’s Darren Huston challenged General Motors’ Paul Edwards to a driving game with Kinect for Xbox 360—the motion-based, no controller required sensor technology also launching in November—as they raced their virtual Volts. The example, coupled with an online presence driven by MSN Autos, demonstrated the power and engagement of a multiscreen approach.

Media legend, Frank Bennack, Jr., Hearst Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, explored the evolution of radio, television and newspapers—reminding the audience how each faced challenges of fragmentation in their own unique forms. He emphasized that even in the changing media landscape, tried and true media brands are still powerful marketing tools. Local TV is as strong as ever, and newspapers are beginning to solve their problems through the device platforms. He closed with his biggest piece of advice. Be open minded. Never fall in love with one particular approach to content and media as the ecosystem is constantly evolving.

IAB News from MIXX

IAB Announces “Rising Stars” Brand-friendly Ad Format Competition

“Targeting Local Markets”, New IAB Interactive Advertising Guide Released

“Digital Audio Advertising Overview” Outlines Opportunity for Marketers

IAB Committees and Councils Transform Digital Marketing Landscape

The show then transitioned from a legend who established himself in old media to a modern day legend of new media. Nick Denton, Founder, Gawker Media, sat down with Peter Kafka, Senior Editor, All Things Digital, for a frank discussion on Gawker Media. Denton, chronicled the evolution of Gawker from a collection of small, local sites to a new media empire. On the subject of journalism, Denton was quick to point out that in his opinion the best journalism usually comes from those who do not care about being great journalists. This viewpoint dominates the focus of Gawker Media. They are not there to cover what they feel is newsworthy or important. Rather, their goal is to cover what their readers find interesting.

AOL’s President, Global Advertising & Strategy, Jeff Levick, focused on creativity in advertising, emphasizing AOL’s commitment to creating the best content, increasing the advocacy of ads and making the web a more beautiful place. For the first time ever, he debuted AOL’s new, brand-friendly ad unit that accomplishes the goal of putting more of the purchase funnel into the ad unit itself, shifting the relationship between content and advertising. He then fostered an intense discuss on creativity and the evolution of digital media with MediaLink’s Wenda Harris Millard, R/GA’s Barry Wacksman, and The Martin Agency’s Mike Hughes.

Celebrating his first 100 days as Yahoo!’s Chief Products Officer, Blake Irving, talked about his challenge of giving consumers engaging products operating on loosely connected devices. The goal should be for the devices to connect with each other—always knowing what, where and when you’re looking for information. The bottom line is that the future is full of upside for both advertisers and consumers.

International icon Tyra Banks and Demand Media’s Joanne Bradford closed the day diving into the Demand/Bankable partnership. Demand Media’s mission is to be the content engine using advanced metrics and analysis to deliver what people want to hear, when they want to hear it. According to Banks, they were the perfect fit for delivering the expertise of Bankable Enterprise to an increasingly fragmented audience.