IAB Interactive Boot Camp for Senior Marketers & Agencies

Meet the challenge of the rapidly changing world of marketing and advertising

What is it?

The IAB Interactive Boot Camp for Senior Marketers & Agencies is a flexible, in-depth educational tool that teaches executives and their teams the most effective ways to leverage interactive media for greater results. Starting with a thought-provoking overview of the present and emerging landscape of digital media, the Interactive Boot Camp then segues into expert modules that provide actionable knowledge on a variety of interactive platforms and technologies in a full or half-day agenda. It is designed to be participatory, providing ample time for Q&A, feedback, and discussion on implementing best practices. The agenda can be customized to your team’s specific needs and challenges, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of the IAB and its members —the leaders and pioneers in interactive marketing and advertising.

How does it work?

The Interactive Boot Camp comes to you and your team with a customized agenda for your individual business needs. Utilizing worldclass experts, we deliver an overview of the most relevant interactive media trends.

How to sign up?

Contact David Doty, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, at [email protected] or 212-380-4723.