Get Serious About Games. Your Audience Is

Learn how to win customers through games advertising and get ahead of your competition.

  • Case studies from Sprint, Unilever, Kia Motors
  • Executives from Visa, Schwab, StubHub, Symantec, 24 Hour Fitness and more
  • A panel of consumers shares their game habits and feelings about interacting with brands in games
  • Solutions providers to help make it all happen

Consumer share across the games space is growing exponentially, yet advertiser share continues to lag behind in a time when missed opportunities can come with big costs for brands.

What does the space offer advertisers? The first-ever IAB Games Marketplace introduces you to the possibilities—and enormous opportunities—that PC and console game advertising can bring to your marketing strategy. Learn how to score new consumers and increase your revenue.

  • Learn from big brands that are leveraging opportunities across PC, console, in-game, around-game, static and dynamic advertising. See how you can do it for yourself.
  • Get a jump on your competitors with a sneak peek at the innovation happening at the bleeding edges games advertising space.
  • Hear directly from a cross-demographic panel of consumers on their gaming habits and attitudes about interacting with brands in and across their play.
  • Take a deep-dive into the IAB In-Game Advertising Guidelines being released at the event and learn how they will help you by creating simpler, more transparent transactions.
  • Cut through the clutter of solutions in the marketplace and learn from the experts about the best products for your marketing objectives.

Find out how this event can separate you from the competition.

Keynote Speaker:

Peter Moore Peter Moore
Electronic Arts
David Rubin David Rubin
Marketing Director,
Haircare US