IAB President & CEO, Randall Rothenberg, welcomes the sold out crowd to Ecosystem 2.0.; Wenda Harris Millard sets the tone for the conference with powerful remarks on the responsibility of media companies.; Ecosystem 2.0; IAB Annual Meeting; Wenda Harris Millard; Jim Spanfeller gives his last speech as IAB Chairman of the Board.; Jerry Yang talks about the evolution of Yahoo! and the Internet.; Sue Decker discusses Yahoo!'s new ad platform.; Brian McAndrews announces Microsoft's new Engagement Mapping product.; Jason Kilar talks about online video consumption as he demonstrated Hulu to the audience.; Kimberly Kadlec talks about the value of insights.; Tina Sharkey describes the "insights engine."; Randall Rothenberg discusses the themes that emerged from Ecosystem 2.0.; Ecosystem 2.0; IAB Annual Meeting; Randall Rothenberg; Rob Norman discusses where today's media agency needs to be.; Randy Falco discusses the next waves of growth in interactive.; Highlights of keynote speakers from the IAB Annual Meeting - Ecosystem 2.0 – Driving Growth in Digital Marketing. Phoenix, AZ, Feb 24 - 26, 2008