Day Two Wrap-Up

IAB Annual Meeting Attracts Industry Headliners

The powerhouse lineup at the IAB’s Ecosystem 2.0—Driving Growth in Digital Marketing in Phoenix, Arizona lit up newswires across the industry yesterday. The organization’s first true annual meeting did not disappoint the stellar crowd of senior voices from marketing, agencies, and publishers who have come together to grapple with the most compelling issues in interactive marketing and advertising.

The day opened with the most highly anticipated session of the conference.  Yahoo!’s Jerry Yang, CEO and Chief Yahoo! and Susan Decker, President, spoke at length to the capacity crowd about the state of the industry, the state of Yahoo!, Yahoo!’s new ad platform and where they feel the industry is headed.  An eventful and insightful hour, Yang also addressed the proverbial elephant in the room in discussing the potential Microsoft purchase of Yahoo! and the reasons he and Yahoo!’s board rejected the offer.

Following Yang and Decker, Chris Vollmer, Media Practices Leader from Booz Allen Hamilton debuted the second phase of the groundbreaking Marketing and Media Ecosystem 2.0 Study.  The emphasis of the report is growth and growth potential and opportunities among media and platforms.

Later that day, IAB President & CEO Randall Rothenberg announced that interactive advertising revenues for 2007 are expected to surpass $21 billion, per PricewaterhouseCoopers. And this was followed by more news as Brian McAndrews of Microsoft debuted Engagement Mapping, a new reporting standard for digital campaign performance. 

Add all this to panels on behavioral targeting and competition vs. cooperation in today’s ecosystem.  Throw in extensive insights into branded media sites Hulu and BabyCenter, and this was a day to remember for all in attendance.  Read a sample of press coverage on the event so far here, and remember to check back to in the coming days for a more commentary, plus a full gallery of photos and video from this historic conference.