Day One Wrap-Up

Ecosystem 2.0 Day One Wrap Up - Rothenberg, Spanfeller and Millard Set a Powerful Agenda

With a powerhouse lineup of speakers and attendees, the IAB’s Ecosystem 2.0—Driving Growth in Digital Marketing opened yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona. The organization’s first true annual meeting has attracted a stellar crowd of senior voices from marketing, agencies, and publishers who have come together to grapple with the most compelling issues in interactive marketing and advertising.

Veronis Suhler Stevenson media-investment bank project that interactive advertising spend will reach $62 billion in 2011 – making our industry the largest ad medium in the United States. Given this massive expansion, the focus of the conference is the evolution of relationships among platforms, publishers, agencies, and marketers as all collaborate and compete to drive digital growth.

Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB, opened the conference with a brief but powerful address reinforcing the theme of the event.  “Ecosystem 2.0 is about all of us working together to build businesses and improve lives,” said Rothenberg to the sold out room.  He emphasized that we must all come together to respond to industry demands. Our industry is one of fierce competition that drives tremendous growth, but it’s through cooperation that we achieve many common goals. President and CEO and outgoing Chairman of the IAB Board of Directors, Jim Spanfeller was up next.  After receiving an award from Rothenberg for his service to the IAB and the industry, Mr. Spanfeller spoke of accomplishments of the IAB in audience metrics and public policy. He then talked about a component of interactive that is often overlooked at a time of such rapid change – content.  “People go to the Internet for content –  both editorial and services,” said Spanfeller, “And we need to acknowledge, nourish and recognize great content.”

Wenda Harris Millard, President Media, Marth Stewart Living Omnimedia then took the stage.  And the evening’s keynote did not disappoint.  Ms. Millard, the new Chairperson of the IAB Board, set the room on fire as she talked about change – rapid and powerful change that is shifting the marketing and media ecosystem at an unprecedented pace.  “Media has changed more in the last five years than it did in the lasts 50,” said Ms. Millard.  She emphasized that we are in a very special moment in time right now.  Years ago we envisioned the consumer becoming the programmer of their own media, but we never imagined they would also become the producer and distributer as well.  In such, the marketing process has become a stagnant state in a dynamic environment, with the consumer being ahead of the marketer. “We must take the responsibility of educating ourselves, marketers and agencies,” said Millard. She added, “We must help marketer and agency folks distinguish between commodity and quality.”

The opening evening closed with awards from Rothenberg to IAB members who have gone above and beyond in advancing our industry (see the full list below). Tune in to today and tomorrow for more up-to-the-minute coverage of this historic event. From Yahoo's Jerry Yang to AOL’s Randy Falco, to Microsoft’s Brian McAndrews, check here for commentary, photos and video that will keep you informed of the latest developments at the event.

Chairperson Appreciation Awards
Adrian D'Souza of CNET and Dan Murphy of Univision Online, Ad Operations Council
Bruce Rogers of the Walt Disney Internet Group, CFO Council
Mike Hurt of Microsoft, Digital Video Committee
Craig Swerdloff of Return Path, eEmail Committee
Dave Madden of Wild Tangent, Games Committee
Peter Blacker of Telemundo, Hispanic Committee
Gayle Guzzardo of Q Interactive, Lead Generation Committee
Andy Jedynak of WeatherBug and Gary Schwartz of Impact Mobile, Mobile Committee
Dave Morgan, formerly of AOL, Public Policy Council
Stephen Kim of Microsoft, Research Council
Michael Rosen of WeatherBug and Brian Quinn of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, Sales Executive Council
Tim Armstrong of Google and David Karnstedt of Yahoo, Search Committee
Heidi Browning of FOX Interactive Media, User Generated Content Committee

Outstanding Achievement Awards
Adrian D'Souza and Dan Murphy
Trish Lemley
Gayle Guzzardo
David Sturman
Josh Baer
Stephen Kim