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Speakers at IAB events include the industry's most influential thought leaders.  Click on the pictures below to watch videos of onstage presentations from last year's Ad Operations Summit.

Ramsey McGrory talks about taking data and turning it into insight.

David Cohen speaks about where business is heading between buyers and sellers.

Jeremy Fain moderates the panel on the power of automation.
Andy Fisher talks about the challenges in getting videos and mobile working.
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What’s Next?
A Frank Look at the Future of Ad Operations

The digital space evolves in real time—new platforms, new products, new rules. With each development comes an additional layer of challenges for operations executives charged with executing in an already complex universe.

Whether related to innovative ad formats, concerns over consumer privacy or impending industry regulation, the operations community has an opportunity to not just implement solutions, but to participate in their design as well.

In 2009 more agency execs than ever before joined publishers at the sold-out IAB Ad Operations Summit in New York. You need to be there in 2010.

The 2010 IAB Ad Operations Summit shows you what’s next, helping you prepare for and shape a new phase of the interactive industry.

Agenda topics

  • The call for new ad formats and specifically for better rich media tools has reached a fever pitch. Find out what advertisers are demanding, what creatives are designing and what you’ll be executing to meet the needs of your clients in the future.
  • Hear from the front lines in Washington D.C. about what’s on the legislative horizon. Understand the plan for self-regulation, the consequences of  government legislation and what it all means for you.
  • Witness practical demos and gain access to exclusive data related to VAST, E-Business, Impression-Exchange and Ad Verification.
  • ** BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ** The Ad Operations Town Hall. This 30-minute session opens the floor to all attendees. Come prepared to share your thoughts, challenges and ideas—ultimately, helping to shape the industry’s agenda for the next year.