The Path to True Operational Efficiency

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The IAB Ad Operations Summit brings together thought leaders, publishers, agency executives and ad operations professionals who are committed to waging—and winning—the war on discrepancies.  From process improvement and quantitative research, to system automation and integration solutions, enormous strides are being made to reach this common goal and they will be explored in-depth by the experts leading the charge.
  • Be the first to experience a true Impression Exchange Solution which promises to identify and help minimize the discrepancies that plague the interactive industry, permanently altering the way discrepancies are managed and resolved

  • Take a sneak peek at the new Performance Ad Scoring tool which allows publishers and agencies to test the ad load performance of creative prior to insertionreducing costly back and forth and ultimately leading to a better consumer experience

  • Hear predictions from leading media companies on the future of interactive, including emerging platforms and online/offline integration. What do these changes mean for the operations community?
  • Engage in frank discussion with those implementing E-Business Standards, the integration solution for transferring business order information between advertising agencies and media companies. Find out how this important weapon against discrepancies enables necessary scale in operations to meet the continued demand for growth in interactive advertising services.

  • Explore what impact government policy and regulation around data collection and privacy will have on ad operations professionals
No matter what your business is, efficiency has material impact on it. And bottom lines always matter—regardless of the economic climate. Don’t miss an opportunity to network, learn and be on the front lines of the war on discrepancies.

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